Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forgot, not

In my haste to put as much as possible of the waterfalls I have visited in Southeast Asia, a couple have fallen off the track so it seems. One which seems very unique is the waterfall of Angseri, Bali, Indonesia. Where else can you shower under a 7-8 m high waterfall after which you can take a hot soak at an adjacent hot spring? Well, maybe not so unique, but something special.

I have an extensive posting on the hot spring on my Soaking in Southeast Asia blog which seems to sum up most.

Another waterfall is a large waterfall that flows in the Telega Waja river, Bali, Indonesia. As I was rafting at the moment no photo's. Let's download
someone else's:

It's quite high and too powerful to be underneath. Name:?

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