Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tad Duen

Though Sukhothai province, Thailand is well known for it’s ancient and historic ruins, it’s natural surroundings are also worth a visit. Sukhothai contains amongst others two beautiful national parks. They are not always as accessible but fun still the same.

About 35 km from the Sri Satchanalai ruins is the
National Park with the same name. There is a double waterfall (Tad Dao) that can be visited though it’s a 2 hour walk from the park headquarters and visitors are not allowed to go there after a certain time in the afternoon so as to avoid tourists camping out there.

Close to the park headquaters though is a different waterfall by the name of Tad Duen (or Tad Duean, Doeun). Visited in November 2008 yet again the place was deserted. With a strong flow and a beautiful pool beneath the 10m high fall nothing could stop me from a skinny dip.

Sri Satchanalai has some lodging (as does the national park) and some nice places to eat, but otherwise head for Sukhothai itself even though it’s 1,5 hours drive away.

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