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d_holmie, cheekiness from the Gulf of Thailand:
Koh Phangan's real Full Moon Party 🌝
Apologies. it's been a long time coming. Should've at least tried to share a couple of photo's, but seem to have been caught up in something.
Anyway upcoming a hybrid mix of photo's and topical items from the i-net.

Starting off with a news item from earlier this year (Cambodia Daily, Jan. 13)  on the Kbal Chhay waterfall located near the booming sea side resort of Sihanoukville:
'Like many land disputes in Cambodia, the trouble at Kbal Chhay started when talk of evictions grew louder, turning years of uncertain claims into pressing fears about the future.
The Preah Sihanouk provincial government, bursting with development plans, see the hundreds of families living in the area as a hindrance. The reservoir behind the waterfall is the sole source of clean water to hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists in Sihanoukville.
Hai Bun Vannak, Preah Sihanouk’s deputy governor, said the people who lived at Kbal Chhay were just newcomers who bought the land to sell it on for a profit.
“They came and negotiated for it, person to person, even though we informed them that Kbal Chhay was a protected area,” he said. “They know that it is an area of land dispute, and state land under environmental protection.”
“There is information going around now that the state will give land to a private company, a Chinese company, when the people go.”
True or not, the rumor was often repeated around the area—by people in town, by women tending the bathrooms near the waterfall—as news spread that authorities were projecting tourist increases and signing agreements with Chinese hoteliers'
And on Feb. 1:
'Almost all of more than 100 families still living on disputed land near Sihanoukville’s Kbal Chhay waterfall were finally cleared out from the site on Tuesday morning by state security forces, who proceeded to tear down many of families’ crude houses'. 
dylanm.91 at the falls in better times (?)
🍻🇰🇭 #kbalchhay #waterfall #Sihanoukville #cambodia
Tripadvisor doesn't mention any recent impediments to a visit here, though many a waterfall seeker comments on the touristy atmosphere.

Little news from Indonesia, just the prints:

cccaaarrrhhh on Bali:
waterfall nymphs @chiarahardy @isabellakefgen #kantolampowaterfall
Btw, why are nearly all Indonesian waterfall shots by foreigners of waterfalls on Bali?

From Laos, the national newspaper focuses on the potential of waterfalls and water related recreation to fulfill the needs of tourists.
First of all the Vientiane Times has an article (Jan. 23) on northern province of Oudomxai and the tourism figures. It mentions:
'Last year, about 215,000 foreigners visited the province and mostly went to Nam Kat waterfall, Chom Ong cave, Singkham Buddha temple, and the provincial capital, Xay district'.
The Nam Kat waterfall used to be a slice of heaven. Now a resort has been built in the valley entrance called Namkat Yorapa. Though the slice of heaven maybe it's not, but it's still very close to this, as witnessed by tripadvisor advisories.
Intriguing is that with the resort around the corner hardly anyone dives into the falls any more. With some exceptions:

been chasing dem waterfalls lately 🏊🏼
Travelfish have updated their entire entry on southern Tad Lo waterfalls (Jan. 29):

 Bañito con elefantes #Laos
In the process of cleaning up it's act (we're talking about Vangvieng), the Vientiane Times (May 13) notes:
'Vangvieng district in Vientiane province is hoping to attract even more tourists by preparing two new swimming areas in sections of a broad stream.
Authorities hope they will soon be ready for full public use, a district tourism official said.
Head of the Tourism Management Unit of the Information, Culture and Tourism Office in Vangvieng district, Mr Duangdala Phuangchanla, told Vientiane Times on Wednesday the new areas have been designated Blue Lagoon 2 and 3. The operators of these sites are in the process of submitting documents to the office in preparation for an official opening.
Both of these swimming areas, which are situated in streams that flow off the hills, are temporarily open to the public. Our office has checked them out and we think they are well managed and comply with the regulations. So I don’t think there will be any problem giving permission for them to operate as official tourist sites,” he said.
Mr Duangdala said the two areas were on the far side of the Xong River from Vangvieng town centre and entailed a journey of about 10km. They are on the same side of the river as Phoukham cave, where Blue Lagoon 1 is situated, in Nathong village. The road from the river to the cave has now been asphalted.
Blue Lagoon 2 is some distance from Phoukham cave and is located in Naleng village, while Blue Lagoon 3 is further away still and can be found in Naxay village.
Vangvieng district also has two waterfalls that it believes could draw visitors this rainy season. One waterfall is called Keangyui and is situated in Naduang village while the other is named Namtheam and is in Pakpok village'.
🌏Langkawi "waterfall" swims. The waterfall was non existent but the pool was stunning!🌏 #Langkawi #Malaysia #travel #getoutstayout #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #travelstoke
Malaysia is yet again void of any updates. Above our sole Malaysia contribution, below a double from the Philippines.
Caught in her natural habitat & then she grew a tail ⚓️
#mermaid #life #chasingwaterfalls #whitebum #secluded #naturalhabitat #magical #clearascrystal #travelgram #asia #Philippines #bestdays #travel #smilegram #happygirl #damaganfalls #bohol #loveofmylife #onewithnature #epicday #buck #birthdaysuit #adventuretime #allthetime #discover #scootscoot #islandlife #naturebound #soul
familiasemfronteiras at Tumalog Falls- Oslob, Cebu
[#Philipinnes ] Se vocês poderiam estar num lugar, agora. Qual seria ? Eu, voltaria nesse paraíso, nesse país que adorei conhecer: as Filipinas 🇫🇷 Si vous pouviez être dans un endroit, maintenant, lequel serait-il ? Moi, je retournerais dans ce pays incroyable que j'ai adore connaître: les Philippines
In the northern Thai province of Lampang authorities have closed access to the a popular waterfall. The Bangkok Post (May 17):
'National park authorities have closed access to Chae Son waterfall after heavy rain and runoff made the area too dangerous for visitors. The popular mineral hot springs at the national park are not affected and remain open. Pichai Watchawongpaiboon, chief of Chae Son national park in Muang district, said heavy rain fell on the mountainous catchment area supplying water to Chae Son waterfall early on Wednesday. The runoff had swollen the streams and river feeding the waterfall'.
barefoot.brooke near Hat Yai, southern Thailand:
Day 22. Approx. 1800km. Last night in Thailand.
The photo was taken a few days ago. We decided to take a much needed rest day from the bike. We ended up hiring out scooters and riding out to a waterfall. Felt so good to get out of the ride, eat, sleep routine and do something spontaneous :) Spent the afternoon swimming, laughing, climbing rocks and playing in the multiple waterfalls.
And the best bit was that there was no one else really there so @riotsforanimals and I did it naked :) Seriously might have to go live in a nudist colony haha. The more time I spend naked the more natural it feels and the less natural it is to wear clothes.
#bikesandbabes #biketour #nature #travel #cycling #vegan #freethenip #fuckclothes
 More news from Thailand, mostly closures. The Bangkok Post (May 31):
'The road to the popular Thi Lo Su waterfall in Umphang district will be closed from June 1 to Oct 31 for public safety and to allow regeneration during the wet season'.
Khaosodenglish (May 25):
'Tourists can look – but not swim – at a famous series of cascading waterfalls in northern-central Thailand, national park officials said Thursday.
As rains lashed Thailand and rivers swelled, waterfalls such as the Kaeng Sopha and Poi Waterfalls in the Thung Salaeng National Park went from dry season trickle to full-on cascade.
Tourists, however, have been warned not to take a dip lest they be swept away'.
yokugi at Tonprai waterfall:
Still by far my favorite waterfall around home, especially during the rainy day when nobody is around and it is super moist 😏😏😏 #waterfall #phuket #outdoorsy #moistcrew #supermoist #skinnydip
The Nation (Jun. 2) has an add on:
'The local authorities are improving a railway bridge in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand to act as a new tourist attraction.
Currently, the Wang Nen Waterfall is usually packed with tourists, especially during the summer.
This bridge is known as “Sapaan Dam” by the locals and literally translates to the black bridge. It is meant to attract tourists here instead due to the overwhelming crowd at the waterfall'.
Over to Vietnam. (Jun. 4) has 10 national waterfalls to beat the summer heat. The following doesn't make this list, but a nice way to finish this blog entry.

georgiamoodymoody at Elephant Spring, near Hue Vietnam:
Water me baby #lougiastravels #skinnydip #halshere

Sharing twinkies

Tuasan Falls, Catarman, Camiguin by badboymarbss 
Chasing Waterfalls! #twink #adventure #travel #asian #Cebuano #skinnydipping
As usual in this neck of the woods, there's precious little to report on. Waterfalls are so great, how on earth can these make headlines, let alone in Southeast Asia?

Unless for associated negatives ..., see previous posts. Or not. 
But let's just present the beauty of Southeast Asia waterfalls and their users / admirers ...

We started off with the Philippines (above), the following is an oft-reproduced picture from Laos, I believe, even more accurately Kuang Si falls south of Luang Prabang town.

Sage Stephens is the @jess.wandering to my @everchanginghorizon ...….............................................................................. Tag a few friends you'd like to share this pool with!!
Laos has some superb falls, too many to mention but only a few more or less accessible ones which of course attract large numbers of tourists. 
So it's no wonder that local authorities are seeking to promote their own waterholes to attract more visitors. 
Oudomxai province, bordering China, wants more Chinese visitors and the beautiful and once lonely Nam Kat waterfall is part of this attraction. Vientiane Times (Dec. 20):
'Mr Somchith added that there were several places of interest in the province- one of which is Nam Kat waterfall. This beautiful spot is popular with locals and foreigners alike and receives about 100 visitors a day'. 
 The Nam Kat waterfall is a popular spot with visitors to Oudomxay province.

 Because Instagram are a bunch of prudes... #freethenipple Thanks @acaciahoy for this amazing photo at Pongour Waterfall in Vietnam.
#getnaked #freethenipple #waterfall #tlc #wefoundyourwaterfalls #whynot #earth #hike #embrace #itsjustabum #normalisenudity #freethebooty #l4l #getoutside #outdoorliving #thegreatoutdoors #bodyconfidence #adventure #hiking #explore #experience #travel #bucketlist #nakedadventures #nakedinnature #getnakedaustralia
Well, momentarily the world's source of pictures is instagram, so expectingly there's little freshness / cheekiness allowed though it reeks of double standards. 
Above the half natural look from Vietnam. Power to u, ms Acaciahoy!

Below more mischievousness from the Philippines

Casaroro falls near Valencia on Negros. By toulla_mavro:
Went for a cheeky dip today 🍑🍑
#findingamity #amityis #toplesstour #cake #butt #travel #waterfall #traveling #travelling #nature #southeastasia #adventure #womeninfilm #naked #skinnydip #bffs #friends #friendshipgoals #jungle #thephilippines #adventure #cheeky #natural #birthdaysuit #cold #brrr #merrychristmas #hohoho #tropicalchristmas #monkies
Possible bad news, TTR Weekly (Dec. 6) reports on Tripadvisor jotting down the leading trends for trips in the region:
“The Attractions Trend Index reveals the diverse mix of sites and activities in Southeast Asia that are rising with travellers when they move around the region,” said TripAdvisor Asia Pacific communications director, Janice Lee Fang'.
Two waterfalls make the list, the first:
'Tegenungan Waterfall, Ubud, Indonesia
Make the most out of your visit to Ubud with a private guided tour, where one of the stops is the spectacular Tegenungan Waterfalls. Described as a “must-visit” in Ubud by TripAdvisor users, the 20 metre falls are best known for its natural scenery, clean waters and huge waterfall pool which is ideal for swimming'.
jinah1002 at Tegenungan
 #발리 #여행 #iminlovewithbali #dontworry #besexy #butnonaked #waterfalls
Note here how society encourages sexiness, though nudity seems to be too much sexiness (?). And this on an island where naked bathing is quite common, at least in rural areas with a surplus of nature ...

The other waterfall on Tripadvisors radar:
'Kawasan Falls, Moalboal, Visayas, Philippines
Known for its clear waters and natural beauty, Kawasan Falls is best explored with a local guide: trek through surrounding local villages, cross abandoned bridges and hop on a wooden raft for a ‘hydro massage’ under the falls'.
Not Kawasan, but still a good Filipino fall:

jackson.groves on what I guess to be Bohol:
Only dead fish go with the flow 💦 📷 @jordentually
Get up and get going.
📍 Lata Kinjang, Perak
Photo by @nurul_farhaini_mohd_isa
September saw some heavy rains in the north of Thailand leading to bans on visits to some of Chiang Mai's waterfalls. The Bangkok Post (Sep. 13)
'Four waterfalls in two national parks in Chiang Mai have been closed to tourists after heavy rain and subsequent run-off made the areas too dangerous for visitors'.
Not included was Mork Fa falls:

 #bathtime #morkfawaterfall
Other Thai news, this nice article on heading for a "secret" waterfall (Bangkok Post, Dec. 22):
'These days, it wouldn't be a surprise if a 24-hour convenience store, or even a community mall, pops up in your neighbourhood. But what if it's a waterfall, a big natural waterfall? That would be a different story. In October, I was amazed when I heard the news about people flocking to Namtok Hin Lat, a newly-discovered waterfall in Tha Yang district of Phetchaburi province'.
Author explores getting there by bike, not a common feature in Southeast Asia alas. Interesting read as well.

Near Lubuk Kandis, Riau, Sumatra. By rioo_bilang 
Kami serentak melihat ke atas dan kami sadar betapa indah ciptaan mu tuhan.. Bantu kami buat menjaga nya 😅🎞🚶🏞🇮🇩 @pesonaalam51016 @inhupunye @mytrip_myadvntr @id_pendaki @sibolangtrans7 @thecommentnet_ @anakpejalanalam
#petualang #airterjun #anakrengat #inhupunye
Bangkok Post (Nov. 20) posts a vdo on a natural fish spa located at Huai Luang waterfall, Ubon Ratchathani province. 
Never experienced this? Quite common, does put a damper on skinnydips though! 

Finishing off with a different sort of waterfall, from Sihanoukville province's K'bal Chay waterfall:

Amazing place in Cambodia! #kbalchay#waterfall#cambodia#rain#nature#sihanoukville#beautiful

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ariverseeker at Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia.
Slave of the City - King or Queen in the nature..
#waterfall #cityslave #philosophy #king #nature #getaway #life #temporary #heaven not #skinnydip
There's as always precious little to add; whenever waterfalls hit the Southeast Asian newsstands it's for all the wrong reasons. I'll lleave that  for the last section.

So let's start with a couple of photo's from the region.

Underbart! 😍
Temburong waterfall by emiliabroni.

Chasing waterfalls. #cambodia #mondulkiri #waterfall #wanderlust #travel #naked #gypsy #hippie #love #life #adventure has some info on Ratanakiri's waterfalls: 
'Waterfalls are dotted about Ratanakiri province. Here are three of the more accessible ones, all best visited by motodop from Banlung'.
Riamhanai waterfall on Kalimantan, source

A little known Bali waterfall highlighted by the Jakarta Post (May 19):
'Gianyar has many natural attractions, but Kanto Lampo waterfall is the regency’s most recent sensation.
Unlike many of Bali’s other waterfalls, which are mostly located in remote, hilly forests, Kanto Lampo is adjacent to the crowded Banjar Kelod Kangin in Beng village, some 30 kilometers north of Denpasar.
The villagers consider the waterfall a sacred place from which they can acquire the holy water used in Dewa Yadnya (ceremonies for the living) and Pitra Yadnya (rituals for the dead). There are several shrines around the waterfall where people pray and present religious offerings'.
Then there's the Tegenungan waterfall (Findheroutthere, March 28) from which the photo below comes from:

More from emiliabroni, this time from Sabah, probably near Poring hot spring:
 Idag har vi vandrat 7km upp- och nedför i djungeln i bara flipflop! Galet värt när vi fick ett underbart vattenfall för oss själva! 😄💦 #nakenbad #vattenfall #tracking #jungletrip #malaysia
 No Clothes? No Problem😎 #CocoNut #coldaf #philippines #skinnydip #lol
Fall in love with these 8 Mindanao waterfalls, (Jun. 4). Below no. 4, Tinago Falls.

 Im a unicorn 🌈 #tinago #rainbow #waterfalls #qualitytime #relaxing #unicorn #vscocam #vscodaily #igdaily

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand #thailand #travel #waterfall #wanderlust
Most news from Thailand concerns the drought which has now passed. The Bangkok Post (Mar.2):
'Pang Sida, a waterfall in the national park of the same name, is a popular tourist destination near the Cambodian border, where early effects of the drought have hit particularly hard. (File photos)
The Pang Sida waterfall, a famous tourist destination in Sa Kaeo, has dried up as the eastern province suffers the country's worst drought in recent memory'.
Somewhere over the Rainbow, Elephant Falls, Vietnam. Self Portrait by Simon Lohmeyer. 

And now follows just some of the bad news stories from the region.
The New paper online (Jul. 4):
'Singapore man dies trying to save daughter at Johor [Malaysia] waterfall'. (Apr. 11):
'A company outing turned tragic when an employee fell to his death while taking photographs at the top of a waterfall [Subic, Luzon, Philippines] on Sunday afternoon (April 10), police said'.
Todayonline (Apr. 6):
'The body of a 16-year-old boy has been pulled from a river in the outskirts of Jakarta after he fell in while taking a selfie with friends on Tuesday (April 5)'. (Aug. 5):
'A teenager from Leeds has told how she was lucky to survive after a horrifying fall from a waterfall while on holiday in Thailand'. (Aug. 30):
'A family outing turned to tragedy on Monday when a twelve year old girl fell to her death while taking a selfie at a waterfall in Phetchabun [Thailand]'.
Jakarta Post (May 17):
'A flash flood coupled with a landslide has hit the Dua Warna Waterfall resort in Sibolangit, North Sumatra, on Sunday evening, killing at least 15 vacationers, while another six people remain missing'.

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Day dreaming about skinny dipping in Indonesia [cloud] craving an adventure [confounded] #Indonesia #Bali #skinnydip #backpack #asia #waterfall #travel #adventure #explore #live #love #life #smile

Some snippets of news from Southeast Asia. But mostly Thailand. 

First off, the Bangkok Post of Oct. 1 (2015): 
'After first pledging nothing would change under its management, the government says it will now close a Nakhon Nayok waterfall due to a spat with local leaders it took the site from.
The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department has waged a legal battle with Nakhon Nayok Provincial Administration Organisation (PAO) over the right to oversee the famous attraction'.
With reference to the Nang Rong waterfall, as the picture compares to another article from the same source, same date.  
Apparently the row goes back to the 1950's when the then ruling junta had a private residence built on what should have been public administered land around the waterfall. The residence was eventually given to the province, but the Forest Administration believe that it could never be given to the province as the construction was illegal. 

Pasak Ngam Village. When life give you waterfalls, go swim naked in them!
Chiang Mai province, source

An article from the August 23 (2015) by Bangkok Post on chasing waterfalls:
'Slippery slopes: Accompanied by forest wardens, researchers from the Royal Project and the Chulabhorn Research Institute cross a creek in Doi Phu Nang National Park.
The 1,400m trail led to the picturesque Khun Kon Waterfall, but my companions and I did not climb the mountain for the waterfall alone. We had gone there to see what kind of ferns and fern allies it had to offer to medical research'.
Basically the article is a shorter version of this, researching ferns in Thailand's Chiang Rai province, notably the Lam Nam Kok National Park.
| I n R a i n b o w s | getting caught in the present moment of magic, being so grateful for all of natures gifts and offerings. [rainbow] [kissing_closed_eyes] [sparkles] [raised_hands] [hibiscus] [palm_tree]
Somewhere on Bali, source

From Khanchanaburi province an outtake on the cave leading to the Tri Tong waterfall (see our visit), surely one of Thailands natural surprises.

Naturism.. #klongchaowaterfall #kohkood #trat #thailand #thailand_allshots #amazingthailand #adayinthailand #tourism #travel #journey #all_shots #capture #canon60d #canon_photos #insta_thailand #forest #fresh #waterfall #nature #naturelovers #outdoors #landscape #landscape_lovers #landscape_captures #swimming #cliff #rocks #photoshoot #naturism #green

In Thailand, the El Niño and assorted climate effects are leaving the waterfalls dry. So reports the Bangkok Post (Feb. 17, 2016). Among the affected are also Erawan and Huay Mae Khamin though the drought is nation wide. So coming months may not be the best to visit a waterfall, especially in central and northern Thailand.

Cha Ung waterfall in Banlung. #sunsoutbunsout #getyourassintonature
Banlung, Ratanakiri, Cambodia, source

A primer for the waterfalls of the Bolaven plateau (Laos) by loadsofroads (Dec. 2, 2015).

As always (alas), waterfalls are more dangerous than they look like. The BBC (Feb. 27, 2016) reports on how three Britons died while clambering on Dalanta waterfall, Vietnam. The falls themselves are a tourist trap with hopefully assorted safety concerns, so it's quite strange how this accident could have happened.
Likewise three waterfall soakers died last September at Sakai waterfall, Ninh Thuan (Vietnamnews, Sep. 28, 2015), here the cause was a flash flood.

From Thailand the news that even on Samui one needs to heed the call of the waterfall. The Bangkok Post (Jan. 7, 2016): 
'... the man plunged the equivalent of eight stories from a viewing area about two-thirds the way up the 39-metre-tall Khun Si waterfall in tambon Mae Nam, Pol Cap Sirachat Kamunee, a duty officer at Koh Samui police station said'. 
Only months before the same had happened (Daily Mail, Sep. 1, 2015), surprisingly at the same location.

Measures to be taken at Sedudo waterfall (East Java) after a cliff fall resulted in three deaths (Jakarta Post, Jul. 23, 2015). The article highlights natural events causing deaths at waterfalls and beaches.

I actually could go on and on but it's an astonishing amount of how recreating with water in general seems to be underestimated as well as cliff faces surrounding waterfalls. Let's just conclude with the call to be safe out there ....

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Waterfall in rinjani national park #lombokwaterfalls #waterfall #lombok #rinjaninationalpark

It's been a while I'll admit. 

But I've not much newly enjoyed waterfall chases to add, certainly not in Southeast Asia.
So I might have been tempted to make this a very, very sleepy blog. Then again it's 3 years since the last posting, so maybe it was already sleepy ...

But I've decided to add a news section every now and then, a bit irregular. Also a way to add pictures and hopefully encourage chases and the safe use of waterfalls.

A big inspiration for this posting goes to the website Taiwan Waterfalls which has an exceptional detailed and extensive piece on Bali's waterfalls (August 10, 2015). 
No less than details of 13 waterfalls are noted, some more well-known, others more secretive. And the author adds that despite the details of these waterfalls, he's to add more.

This place is beautiful. #Maubisse #waterhole #waterfall #water #rocks #beautiful #jump #timor #timorleste #freezing #nofilter

Another inspiration for this awakening, was the tale by Richard Collett (travel-tramp, April 21, 2015) entitled The Man Who Fell Down the Tallest Waterfall in Laos:
'Hoping that we’d missed him at the top while we had been drinking our Beer Laos, we set about looking around through the forest, peering into abyss every now and then, to snatch a glimpse of the track.
There was no one else in sight though- not until we headed back to the entrance of the track and there, sat in the bushes, was an exhausted figure. Rushing over we realised it was our mate. He was battered, muddy and disheveled. We gave him a beer, and he said he’d fallen into the waterfall. Somewhat roughed up, after a while he began to tell us what had happened. ....'.
Less inspiring, Vietnam and China want to further exploit the border waterfall of Ban Gioc (Vietnamnet, August 7, 2015). Sounds very exciting:
'The fourth round of negotiations on an agreement on cooperation in protecting and exploiting tourism resources within the Ban Gioc Waterfall vicinity between Vietnam and China ran in Beijing from August 2-6.

Both sides discussed issues of mutual concern frankly and reached consensus on all draft contents of the agreement. They agreed to speed up their domestic assessments of the pact as well as the organisation of the next round for signing preparations. The two sides then inked the meeting minutes'.

A website with a fair share of waterfall info is travelfish; my fist call whnever needing travel info on Southeast Asia. 
Recent entries on waterfalls include those around Luang Prabang, Laos (January 30, 2015), the Bolaven plateau, Laos (January 31, 2015) and Munduk, Bali (March 3, 2015).

If wanting to check out a waterfall or two on that Bolaven plateau, mergingworldsstravel (April 25, 2015) has taken the time to write down all the details, a must see posting:
'Oh Pakse, Pakse, Pakse. Such great memories of whisking the motorbike through your empty highways surrounded by forest, jungle, foliage and villages. Cruising from waterfall to waterfall, swimming in natural pools as cascades of water drop from cliffs above crashing into the water below. Providing an escape from the heat, a natural playground, unspeakable beauty'.
Definitely not almost going in the drink... #Pakse #Paksong #Laos #BolavenPlateau #Travelling #Waterfall
Must do
More waterfall related postings focusing on the most this or that. Here's just a short selection:
  • 12 Relaxing Waterfall Picnic Spots Around West Malaysia (, May 13, 2015).
  • Top 10 Waterfalls You MUST SEE in the Philippines (wheninmanila, November 12, 2014).
  • 14 stunning Philippine waterfalls worth chasing (skyscanner, December 2014).
  • 16 Waterfalls In The Philippines That Will Take Your Breath Away (trekeffect,  August 3, 2015):
'Visiting a waterfall is probably the most relaxing and, at the same time, fulfilling kind of nature tripping. The sound of the water, from above crashing down below, is not only the best takeaway in the entire experience but the visually stunning greens surrounding it as well'.
  • 20 Amazing Waterfalls to Visit This Summer (, April 10, 2015). 
  • 15 Waterfalls in the Visayas You Might've Never Heard Of Before (Choosephilippines, December 12, 2014).
  • 10 Of The Most Spectacular Waterfalls In Indonesia (wowshack, January 7, 2015).
  • Uncovering Bali’s 7 most spectacular waterfalls unknown to most (blimehthesheep, September 9, 2014).
  • 10 spectacular waterfalls in Bandung that are unknown to most (Indonesia tripcanvas, July 10, 2015). 
And then our tops came flying off... emojiemojiemojiemoji #goodtimes #maesawaterfall #waterfall #chiangmai #ThaiFruitFest #thailand #RawTill4 #vegan #goodvibes #gofruityourself #carbthefuckup #travelgram #wanderlust #skinnydipping #gopro 
Source, see also youtube ...

    As said above, despite the high degree of pleasure a dip under a cooling waterfall can result in, they are also something to be treated with caution as the following short links will prove. 
    Also note that many a casualty is the result of risk taking either be it to take a selfie or to overextend.
    Thanh nien news (July 28, 2015):
    'An 18-year-old man fell from a waterfall in central Vietnam and died during a trip with his friends on Sunday.
    Huynh Thanh Son climbed up the Ba Waterfall in Binh Thuan Province with three of his friends after they arrived. 
    It just stopped raining and his friends said he slipped and fell when they were taking photos'.
    'A German student has died after falling into a steep ravine at a waterfall on a popular Malaysian resort island [Langkawi], police said on Sunday'. 
    (ndtv, October 19, 2014).
    'A man was badly injured in the head and neck after he fell while bathing at the waterfall at the Kanching Recreational Forest in Templer's Park near Kuala Lumpur yesterday'.
    (The Malaysian insider, June 23, 2015).
    'Two high school have plunged to their deaths from a Central Java cliff while trying to take selfies, an official said on Tuesday'.
    (Jakarta globe, March 21, 2015).
    Spaniard falls to death from waterfall (Bangkok Post, March 26, 2015).
    'A 24-year-old Newcastle man has died while on holiday in Thailand. Hugh Smith was on Koh Samui when he and a friend, Benjamin Kemp, 20, from Bar Beach, both fell from a waterfall'. 
    (Newcastle Herald, February 12, 2015).

    Stay safe.

    simple Saturday morning getaway to Tengkil Falls, a beautiful 4 storey high waterfall in Kota Tinggi. Took a 2.5 hr hike to get to it, but the refreshing waterfall massage makes up for it. Washed away all the sweat! Definitely wanna go again! =D #TengkilFalls #KotaTinggi #Waterfall #MalaysiaWaterfall #WaterfallMassage #Relaxing #Refreshing #WashingUp #WantToGoAgain
    Safe selfing, source
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