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No apologies


Naked. Yep. This is me. I was reminded today that it’s okay to be messy, angry, sad, fully exposed. That sometimes it’s okay not to be the bigger person in our heads, and just feel. And while I know this, I seemed to forget, recently always trying to be a teacher first, before a student. But I’m human. And this is where the real teachings come in, yoga off the mat and in real life, embracing the messy bits, the days I still judge my body, or question my worth and where I fit into this strange world that we live in. So here I am, exposed, figuratively and literally. Reminding myself again it’s okay to not always be okay, it’s okay to be different, our bodies are not something to be ashamed of, and that growth isn’t always linear…In the end I always come out loving myself and others a little bit more, so feeling the lows is worth every second ✨Also, can you believe how beautiful this place I am in even exists!? #yoga #travel#bali #selflove #selfworth #loveyourself #nude #nature #exposed #nakedyoga#beyou #unapologeticallyme
A New Years's dip? Why not.

Starting off above in Bali, then onwards with Vietnam:

Phong Nha was wonderful. Look at that 💦..#botanicgardens #nature #neat #neature#waterfall #small #crystalclear #beautiful#girls #travel #explore #seasia #phongnha#vietnam #dinasasianadventure

Cheeky at Erawan National Park, Khanchanaburi:

How is a free soul looked like. #letfreebumring #barebynature#bareinnature #nudist #naturism #naturist#getyournudeon #getnaked #gonaked#clothesfreelife #menofoutdoors#thetravelinbum #thegaypassport #freedom#loveyourbody #buttshot #nakedman#bootiesallovertheworld #nakedandwild#livenaturism #gayfollow #instagay#cheekybums #nakedearthtoday#explorenaked #nakedbum#nakedearthtoday #followme #gaynudeboy

Thailand has ample opportunities for a dip in a waterfall.

fruitprofessor at Ton Sai waterfall, Phuket(?):
Glowing with nature ✨ #affamilybaby📸 by my love @alex_fedo 😍Дитя природы ✨ Счастье в том, чтобы одичать, быть сводным и дышать в ритме природы, а не загонять себя в городские рамки! 💚 Но для меня это не значит зарости волосами и перестать за собой ухаживать! Я за баланс во всем! 👌🏼Просили про ЭПИЛЯЦИЮ рассказать, выкладываю все как есть! 🙌🏽Сразу скажу химические крема ( не делайте этого пожалуйста - это же страшно вредно ), бритва и депилятор - для меня вообще не варианты. Волосы у меня жёсткие и чёрные. Лет с 15 я начала делать эпиляцию воском в зоне бикини (до этого брила и это было ужасно), первые 7 лет для меня это было дикой пыткой. Волосы у меня очень сильные, а руки видимо попадались не очень заботливые. За эти годы я освоила все техники обезболивания, которые в этом процессе возможны и самая эффективная конечно же дыхание! О том, чтобы делать самостоятельно даже мысли никогда не было, рука не поднимется! 😬 Каждый раз я приходила в салон и каждый раз меня спрашивали - брили? НЕТ! Это меня дико бесило всегда потому, что ничего я не брила, а волосы тоньше не становились. 😭Потом я перестала скитаться по салонам, потому, что появился жутко дорогой, но такой нежный известный всем салон на патриках и восковая эпиляция перестала быть для меня пыткой. Там правда очень быстро и очень не больно! Как? Не знаю! Несколько лет я была с ними, но потом мы закончили свои дурацкие офисные будни, а свои проекты ещё не начали и соотвественно деньги не зарабатывались, а только тратились. Поэтому я заказала воск домой и эпиляцию мне делал Лёша. Очень эротичный момент кстати! 🔥 Когда деньги снова стали зарабатываться, я вернулась в салон, не смотря на всю эротичность процесса занимал он у нас с мужем 2 часа! 😅В скором времени мы уехали в Латвию и в нашем маленьком городке я даже нашла шугаринг, но опять же за какие-то дикие деньги! Шугаринг для меня оказался ближе не только по этическим соображениям, но и по ощущениям. Когда мы приезжаем в Москву я больше не иду отдавать дикие деньги на патрики, а иду в салон шугаринга, к счастью по Москве их развелось огромное количество и это в три раза дешевле! Эффект одинаковый! Самое сложное с эпиляцией оказалось в Азии!⬇️

Do it only in your own way... Love it! #falls #befree #thatsmylife #skinnydipping#friends #thanksmothernature #magicworld#knowledge #adventure #experience

Philippines aren't to be undone (above (location lost) and below).

albapaulfe at Kawasan falls (Cebu):

Splash 💦💦💦 #philippines#risas #equipo #travelin ❤️

tahliaelise at Kuang Si (Luang Prabang):

Only this girl could convince me to skinny dip in a freezing cold waterfall in the middle of Laos 🙈

🧡 #GandTtakeonAsia

Not the best time to skinny dip in northern Laos, but still.

laurits_km at Huay Xai (Bokeo):
Mine gode venner og jeg har nydt en god dag ved vandfaldet inden vi til aften krydsede grænsen til Laos 🇱🇦#nøgenbadning#Laos #chiangrai #slowboat
woodys_whereabouts- Cambodia's Ratanakiri:
#tbt to freshening up in waterfalls #woodyswhereabouts
Clothes off 💦 #skinnydipping #mundukmodingplantation#mundukwaterfall #munduk #northbali
Finishing off where we started (Bali), same same but different. Person.

Sometimes intuition doesn’t make any rational sense. Sometimes we want to do things and go places for what seems like no meaningful reason. Like for example, sometimes all ya wanna do is hike down a river and go skinny dipping near a relatively crowded waterfall… 😏🙈😝😍 (love you @kate_decosteMy decision to come to Bali this summer was a somewhat spontaneous and very intuitively guided decision. People asked me, “why Bali?” and I legitimately couldn’t answer them with anything except “I don’t know, I just feel called to go there.” And two months later, it feels like a lifetime has passed on this vortex of an island. A lifetime packed full of transformation, learning, healing, exploring, meeting awesome people, facing deep inner challenges, receiving huge insights and inspiration, and feeling more love for myself and life than I ever have before. Few words can describe my journey with the beautiful spirit of Bali. She is beautiful, intense, playful and incredibly loving. She gave me exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn’t even know what that was when I got here. And I feel like a completely different person than I was when I arrived. She gave me a profoundly deeper connection with myself, immense healing, reignited my passion for creating and giving, taught me about the utter beauty and necessity of solid community, and so much more 🙏🏼✨🌸🌻Tonight I head back to LA. I’ll be taking a long road trip through California, and then back towards CO ❤️So I bow to you, Bali, and I am so grateful for my time spent with you… until next time 💫 And… I am SO excited to come home and start grounding the insane amount of creative inspiration I’ve received here. More to be revealed soon on this note… lots coming 😁🙃🌈 #balilove #travel #nakedatawaterfall 👌🏼

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Amazing 🌊 .
#waterfall #khaolak #sairungwaterfall #travelphotography #picoftheday #happy #amazing #newfeeling #travelgram #travel #sun #thailand #thailandkhaolak #feelinggood #lovemylife #holiday #love #with #my #baby #swimming #naked #follow4follow #followme #commentsfirst #commentsbelow #comment
From the region, just some photo's of the joys of jumping in the Southeast Asian mountain streams and falls.

#tbt to skinny dipping on the Hai Van Pass #haivanpass #vietnam #skinnydipping #babes #travel
#waterfalls #privatepond #privatenaturalpool #sangkhom #thailand #ThanthipWaterfall #nongkhai #thailand #unseenthailand #holidaytrip #mothernature #tropicalwaterfall #emeralpond #hiking #mountians #naked #realnature #swimnaked
Thailand sees a great many photo op's, probably because more tourists venture into it's jungles.

#jungle #freedom #naked #exploring #polishgirl #waterfall #beautiful #freedom #travelers #trip #Kohphangan #Thailand #paradise #freethenipple #hejże 💕🙈🍑🌴
Skinny dipping in Laos 😜💦

When you feel so small.... This waterfall is just amazing!!! If you will ever go to Lombok, you must visit Tju Kelep Waterfall!!!
Naked for mama Bali with @Juliet_allen ✨💦 #eliyahinbali #rosetantratraining #katsnoodz
linna_lins at Chi Pat (Koh Kong, Cambodia):
#FirstYogaPose Sauvage Nature 🙆🏽
Fun and Joy

 eproxiiixii at Aguinid Falls (Cebu, Philippines):
"You jump, I jump right???" #photooftheday #nature #waterfalls #travel#naturephotography #travelphotography#wanderlust #instapic #instagood #goodlife#igdaily #snapseed #waterfall #cebu#cebuph #itsmorefuninthephilippines#explore
I'll have joy like a fountain!#awaofalls #wow #compostellavalley #falls#waterfall #adventuresnikulot#itsmorefuninthephilippines #Philippines
And then to finish off another from Thailand:

#waterfall #таиланд2016 #phuket

Saturday, August 19, 2017


ahmadarifin754 at Airterjun Tumpaksewu (East Java)
#indonesiaindah #trip #lumajang #airterjun #waterpark #airterjuntumpaksewu #guotetes #treveling #cubansewu #wisataalam #pronojiwo #indonesiaexplore #tumpaksewu #jawatimurhits #wisatajatim
With the seasonal deluge underway, let's look at a couple of news items serving as backdrop to the many pictures.

Cambodia, waterfalls and relocation. Continues. Cambodia Daily (Jun. 23):
'A group of about 1,000 families living in Siem Reap province’s Phnom Kulen National Park will be relocated to prevent them from continuing an environmentally detrimental trend of clearing land, building homes, selling and repeating, the environment minister said on Thursday.
The villagers have “recently” taken up occupation in the park without land titles, invoking fear that they will destroy the popular tourist attraction—Kulen mountain has a waterfall, Angkorian temples and an ancient rusty-red laterite stone staircase—with their waste and continued resettlement, Say Sam Al said.
mrokb at Tatai waterfalls (Koh Kong, Cambodia):
One pair of shorts
Cambodia, nature, protection and waterfalls are  always in a quandary. Whenever development takes place to allow tourists and residents to visit nature in it's purest form, it usually comes at the expense of nature, thus resulting in a loss of beauty, which was the reason to invite tourists to enjoy in the first place.
Back in 2009, I visited Thmor Roong (O'Bak Rotes) halfway Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Conveniently located with fair access, back then it already experienced considerable degradation and overuse.  
Now years later, it seems that the answer for the future is to let money talk. Which I suppose will mean access to cut off for locals and less fortunate.
Shinta Mani Wild as it is slated, plans to muscle itself in and establish a luxury camp experience. It's own web site:
'Set along 1.5 kilometers of river and waterfalls, Bensley has set out to create his most ambitious luxury camp project to date. 16 100sqm, custom designed tents are perched over the swift moving waters and waterfalls, providing a view and experience unlike any other resort in Asia. Each tent has been meticulously designed to invoke the feeling of what it would have been like to be on a luxury safari in the jungles of Cambodia with Jacky O’.
The Phnom Penh Post (Aug. 17) adds:
'Shinta Mani’s bid to provide a super luxurious camping experience will target both local and international guests. But it won’t be for those on a shoestring budget with the luxury tents in the resort set to cost $1,500 per night'.
The cost of conservation?

ceritaeka at Coban Ciblungan (East Java):
Karena air terjun nggak pernah ingkar janji. Nggak kayak kamu yang bilangnya mau ngerjain tugas, eh.... Tau-taunya malah entah ngapain ama si dia....
Honestly, what else are you supposed to do when you find a secluded jungle oasis?
#adventure #adventurenaked #waterfall #adventurebuns #getnakedworldwide #bumsout #getyourassintonature #getnaked #stayyoung #skinnydip #oasis #naturism #bumaroundtheworld #nudephotography #wanderlust #rtw #backpacking #travelphotography #theglobewanderer #travelasia #travel
An in-depth article on Lao waterfall Tad Pheung (Borneo Bulletin, Jul. 30):
'Champassak Province is well known for its relaxed pace of life, warm hospitality along with a rich cultural history.
Numerous stunning waterfalls also attest to its impressive natural heritage. The province boasts some significant waterfalls such as Southeast Asia’s biggest Khonephapheng, as well as Somphamit, Tad Phasuam, Tad Fan, Tad Yeuang and Tad Etu.
Another such wonder, Tad Pheung, is less well-known to tourists as it is hidden in the high jungle of the Bolaven Plateau.
Overall, visiting this beautiful waterfall is highly recommended as there are no big hotels or resorts, simply nature at its best.
Camp sites and genuine local hospitality make it a perfect place for an eco-friendly weekend break to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Waterfalls are meant for meditating under. Can you tell I watch too much anime and martial arts movies. Fair to say I haven't developed super human reflexes just yet...

#calmbeforethestorm#bannahin#laos🇱🇦 #southeastasia#backpacking

glenlord168 at Seven Wells, Langkawi (Malaysia):
#bali #kantolampowaterfall #kantolampo #waterfall
sierrahofstatter at Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Bali:
Don't do things solely to please other people. Do things that YOU want to, based on how YOU feel, for what YOU love, and what YOU want to create and attract. Of course--be mindful of your effect on others, but don't let collective conditioning enable the inner oppressor. Don't let what is "socially acceptable" or "normal" or "how you should be" dictate your actions. Don't let it minimize the strength of your inner power and inner voice. The universe created YOU in absolute perfection to express the uniqueness that is YOU. You are perfect and powerful exactly as you are.
It scares me to post what I wrote here. My inner oppressor says: "it's too forward, it's too bossy, don't ever tell people what to do!" But honestly at this point in my life, I am done playing small. I am done minimizing the self that has been repressed for too long. I am done worrying about how I might be received and judged in my fullness, with the whole spectrum of life, from the beauty to the mess. I am ready to let go of the seemingly infinite stories I have of why not to express my true self. I am ready to embrace my wisdom, my weirdness, my gifts, my struggles, my sierraness. And I am ready to hold space for the potential reactions this might trigger in others. I feel such power in these words... I AM READY. Bring it 😎
On that note, here's a picture of my butt. Lol. More importantly, a waterfall. And most importantly, me being me, naked at a waterfall.. 🌸🙈😎🤔🌈❤️ thanks @kate_decoste for catching me in such an epically candid moment 🙏🏼✨ #ready #embrace #mantra #trueself #butt
Let's move to the Philippines.
Ingkumhan Falls / Dimiao / Bohol / Philippines 🇵🇭 #ForumSession
kellzcampbell at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor Island (Talayong):
Naked Falls 🤙🏽 #theadventuresoftomandkelly#skinnydipping - p.s we are not naked 
heatherflaman at El Busero, Port Barton, Palawan:
K... I know they said not to but... #wewentchasingwaterfalls #whereismackenzeh 🙈😂☀️😎
miska_pampeliska at Sai Rung waterfall (Phang Nga), though Trang is hashtagged ...:
This is JUNGLE!!! 🐅
Photo credits: @vojta.lzn
#waterfall #thailand #trang #jungle #adventure #holiday #motorbike #trip #skinnydip #lovethis #czechgirl #wild #nature #muchwilderthanitseems #cold #water #hot #weather
Some Thai news. The Bangkok Post (May 3) had a feature on south Thailand Trang province featuring waterfalls.
'During the hot-weather season, one thing that can cool you down is to dip yourself in water. In Trang, there are at least two waterfalls locals like to visit, both located not far from the city.
The site [Bo Ched Luk waterfall, or Seven-Ponds waterfall] is not fully developed to be an attraction, and visitors must have permission and a guide, he noted.
Another popular waterfall among locals in Trang is Kachong. It is located in the Khao Chong Botanical Garden in Na Yong, about 20km east of the city.
The waterfall is easy to reach. It is located only 500m from the car park, and about 1km from the headquarters of the botanical garden'.
rosadejulia at Pa La U waterfall (Phetchaburi):
Es cierto, he perdido mi billete de vuelta, me quedo en Asia 😜

#sorrynotsorry #thailand #southeastasia #backpacking #travelgirl #travelgram #backpackingasia #waterfall #riverswimming #hikingfun #adventureseekers #missedflight @mysexytravel
More. The ever apparent negatives. UK's Mirror (Jul. 22) notes how now even a well known actor fell victim to a Thai waterfall:
'A British tourist miraculously survived a 260ft drop from a waterfall in Thailand - only four miles from where EastEnders star Paul Nicholls suffered an almost identical ordeal and nearly died.

It emerged yesterday that the actor had plunged down the Khun Si falls [on Ko Samui] and smashed his leg, leaving him unable to move and seek help for several days before he was eventually found and rescued'.
angelinaaa_ng at Mae Sa (Chiang Mai)

Backlash at Ban Ho waterfall (Khánh Hòa, central Vietnam):
Think 💭 how good you will feel after exercise
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Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has it's own skinnydipping spot apparently. Saigoneer (Aug. 1):
'Vietnam’s capital city has a reputation for being a pretty conservative place. So it might come as a surprise for some to know that there is an entire community of adult men who like to skinny-dip near Hanoi's city center.
While nudity is not illegal outside of densely populated areas in Vietnam, it is still frowned upon. Many people have criticized the group for being unhealthy or inappropriate.
In addition to community backlash, it is also fairly dangerous. The currents on the Red River are strong, and there have been occasional drowning victims over the years'.
stacscrog at Tranh waterfall on Phu Quoc (off the south coast)
 #waterfall #phuquoc

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


d_holmie, cheekiness from the Gulf of Thailand:
Koh Phangan's real Full Moon Party 🌝
Apologies. it's been a long time coming. Should've at least tried to share a couple of photo's, but seem to have been caught up in something.
Anyway upcoming a hybrid mix of photo's and topical items from the i-net.

Starting off with a news item from earlier this year (Cambodia Daily, Jan. 13)  on the Kbal Chhay waterfall located near the booming sea side resort of Sihanoukville:
'Like many land disputes in Cambodia, the trouble at Kbal Chhay started when talk of evictions grew louder, turning years of uncertain claims into pressing fears about the future.
The Preah Sihanouk provincial government, bursting with development plans, see the hundreds of families living in the area as a hindrance. The reservoir behind the waterfall is the sole source of clean water to hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists in Sihanoukville.
Hai Bun Vannak, Preah Sihanouk’s deputy governor, said the people who lived at Kbal Chhay were just newcomers who bought the land to sell it on for a profit.
“They came and negotiated for it, person to person, even though we informed them that Kbal Chhay was a protected area,” he said. “They know that it is an area of land dispute, and state land under environmental protection.”
“There is information going around now that the state will give land to a private company, a Chinese company, when the people go.”
True or not, the rumor was often repeated around the area—by people in town, by women tending the bathrooms near the waterfall—as news spread that authorities were projecting tourist increases and signing agreements with Chinese hoteliers'
And on Feb. 1:
'Almost all of more than 100 families still living on disputed land near Sihanoukville’s Kbal Chhay waterfall were finally cleared out from the site on Tuesday morning by state security forces, who proceeded to tear down many of families’ crude houses'. 
dylanm.91 at the falls in better times (?)
🍻🇰🇭 #kbalchhay #waterfall #Sihanoukville #cambodia
Tripadvisor doesn't mention any recent impediments to a visit here, though many a waterfall seeker comments on the touristy atmosphere.

Little news from Indonesia, just the prints:

cccaaarrrhhh on Bali:
waterfall nymphs @chiarahardy @isabellakefgen #kantolampowaterfall
Btw, why are nearly all Indonesian waterfall shots by foreigners of waterfalls on Bali?

From Laos, the national newspaper focuses on the potential of waterfalls and water related recreation to fulfill the needs of tourists.
First of all the Vientiane Times has an article (Jan. 23) on northern province of Oudomxai and the tourism figures. It mentions:
'Last year, about 215,000 foreigners visited the province and mostly went to Nam Kat waterfall, Chom Ong cave, Singkham Buddha temple, and the provincial capital, Xay district'.
The Nam Kat waterfall used to be a slice of heaven. Now a resort has been built in the valley entrance called Namkat Yorapa. Though the slice of heaven maybe it's not, but it's still very close to this, as witnessed by tripadvisor advisories.
Intriguing is that with the resort around the corner hardly anyone dives into the falls any more. With some exceptions:

been chasing dem waterfalls lately 🏊🏼
Travelfish have updated their entire entry on southern Tad Lo waterfalls (Jan. 29):

 Bañito con elefantes #Laos
In the process of cleaning up it's act (we're talking about Vangvieng), the Vientiane Times (May 13) notes:
'Vangvieng district in Vientiane province is hoping to attract even more tourists by preparing two new swimming areas in sections of a broad stream.
Authorities hope they will soon be ready for full public use, a district tourism official said.
Head of the Tourism Management Unit of the Information, Culture and Tourism Office in Vangvieng district, Mr Duangdala Phuangchanla, told Vientiane Times on Wednesday the new areas have been designated Blue Lagoon 2 and 3. The operators of these sites are in the process of submitting documents to the office in preparation for an official opening.
Both of these swimming areas, which are situated in streams that flow off the hills, are temporarily open to the public. Our office has checked them out and we think they are well managed and comply with the regulations. So I don’t think there will be any problem giving permission for them to operate as official tourist sites,” he said.
Mr Duangdala said the two areas were on the far side of the Xong River from Vangvieng town centre and entailed a journey of about 10km. They are on the same side of the river as Phoukham cave, where Blue Lagoon 1 is situated, in Nathong village. The road from the river to the cave has now been asphalted.
Blue Lagoon 2 is some distance from Phoukham cave and is located in Naleng village, while Blue Lagoon 3 is further away still and can be found in Naxay village.
Vangvieng district also has two waterfalls that it believes could draw visitors this rainy season. One waterfall is called Keangyui and is situated in Naduang village while the other is named Namtheam and is in Pakpok village'.
🌏Langkawi "waterfall" swims. The waterfall was non existent but the pool was stunning!🌏 #Langkawi #Malaysia #travel #getoutstayout #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #travelstoke
Malaysia is yet again void of any updates. Above our sole Malaysia contribution, below a double from the Philippines.
Caught in her natural habitat & then she grew a tail ⚓️
#mermaid #life #chasingwaterfalls #whitebum #secluded #naturalhabitat #magical #clearascrystal #travelgram #asia #Philippines #bestdays #travel #smilegram #happygirl #damaganfalls #bohol #loveofmylife #onewithnature #epicday #buck #birthdaysuit #adventuretime #allthetime #discover #scootscoot #islandlife #naturebound #soul
familiasemfronteiras at Tumalog Falls- Oslob, Cebu
[#Philipinnes ] Se vocês poderiam estar num lugar, agora. Qual seria ? Eu, voltaria nesse paraíso, nesse país que adorei conhecer: as Filipinas 🇫🇷 Si vous pouviez être dans un endroit, maintenant, lequel serait-il ? Moi, je retournerais dans ce pays incroyable que j'ai adore connaître: les Philippines
In the northern Thai province of Lampang authorities have closed access to the a popular waterfall. The Bangkok Post (May 17):
'National park authorities have closed access to Chae Son waterfall after heavy rain and runoff made the area too dangerous for visitors. The popular mineral hot springs at the national park are not affected and remain open. Pichai Watchawongpaiboon, chief of Chae Son national park in Muang district, said heavy rain fell on the mountainous catchment area supplying water to Chae Son waterfall early on Wednesday. The runoff had swollen the streams and river feeding the waterfall'.
barefoot.brooke near Hat Yai, southern Thailand:
Day 22. Approx. 1800km. Last night in Thailand.
The photo was taken a few days ago. We decided to take a much needed rest day from the bike. We ended up hiring out scooters and riding out to a waterfall. Felt so good to get out of the ride, eat, sleep routine and do something spontaneous :) Spent the afternoon swimming, laughing, climbing rocks and playing in the multiple waterfalls.
And the best bit was that there was no one else really there so @riotsforanimals and I did it naked :) Seriously might have to go live in a nudist colony haha. The more time I spend naked the more natural it feels and the less natural it is to wear clothes.
#bikesandbabes #biketour #nature #travel #cycling #vegan #freethenip #fuckclothes
 More news from Thailand, mostly closures. The Bangkok Post (May 31):
'The road to the popular Thi Lo Su waterfall in Umphang district will be closed from June 1 to Oct 31 for public safety and to allow regeneration during the wet season'.
Khaosodenglish (May 25):
'Tourists can look – but not swim – at a famous series of cascading waterfalls in northern-central Thailand, national park officials said Thursday.
As rains lashed Thailand and rivers swelled, waterfalls such as the Kaeng Sopha and Poi Waterfalls in the Thung Salaeng National Park went from dry season trickle to full-on cascade.
Tourists, however, have been warned not to take a dip lest they be swept away'.
yokugi at Tonprai waterfall:
Still by far my favorite waterfall around home, especially during the rainy day when nobody is around and it is super moist 😏😏😏 #waterfall #phuket #outdoorsy #moistcrew #supermoist #skinnydip
The Nation (Jun. 2) has an add on:
'The local authorities are improving a railway bridge in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand to act as a new tourist attraction.
Currently, the Wang Nen Waterfall is usually packed with tourists, especially during the summer.
This bridge is known as “Sapaan Dam” by the locals and literally translates to the black bridge. It is meant to attract tourists here instead due to the overwhelming crowd at the waterfall'.
Over to Vietnam. (Jun. 4) has 10 national waterfalls to beat the summer heat. The following doesn't make this list, but a nice way to finish this blog entry.

georgiamoodymoody at Elephant Spring, near Hue Vietnam:
Water me baby #lougiastravels #skinnydip #halshere
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