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This one goes out to all the designers and brands. Just in few weeks I will be in Goa India alongside I will have a big creative team. We will have photographer, stylist, models, make up artists during our trip. If you were seeking or planning a photoshoot in exotic and spectacular places like Asia , fill free to contact me and we will discuss and arrange something unique just for you. Outsourcing method works just fine in this case. Bless! ....Photo by @bogdanbabanin ...
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Quite a few photo's to share. However, mostly of Thailand's Ko Phangan (above) or Bali (following): = best places to enjoy chasing waterfalls in Southeast Asia?

It’s just me, when I don’t have any clothes on.#waterfall#indonesia#voyager#skinnydip
But Southeast Asia has more waterfalls on the menu.
Slightly sidetracking, an article on Asia's secret swimming spots by First Class (May 7). All of Southeast Asian origin btw, nothing new though.
dams__8 at Asah Waterfall, Tioman island (eastern Peninsula Malaysia):
I would say that this 1st excursion on a paradise/jungle island was a success 🌴
New. One of the best recent features on waterfalls has come from Burma. (Dec 16, 2018) had the following special:
'Already one of the coolest (pun intended) destinations in Myanmar, you’ve now got 10 more reasons to visit Pyin Oo Lwin.
Some of these waterfalls can be done independently, some require a guide, and one is completely off limits to foreigners – guide or no guide. Pyin Oo Lwin Trek can take you to just about every fall listed below, as well as organise cultural tours, kayaking and a truly wonderful treehouse homestay.
So without further ado, here they are in order of visit, mostly with GPS coordinates for those so inclined.
3. Myin Zin (22.098284,96.636007)
A 15-20-minute walk apart, you could argue that Myin Zin and Powerhouse are the same waterfall. My guides were adamant that they weren’t. Just as well though – how else could I have made this a top-10 list?
Guide needed? See above.

A moment of tranquility at Myin Zin waterfall. (Dominic Horner | Frontier)
It was part of a six part feature on wild swimming and waterfalls in Burma. The links to the other articles:
Part 1 (Jun. 25, 2018):
'Despite its proximity to Inle Lake — one of the biggest tourist hubs in Myanmar – the Kayah State capital Loikaw still receives relatively few visitors. But with a fantastic local market, incredible hilltop pagoda views and some of the most beautiful and easily accessible wild water spots in the country, Loikaw is a hugely underrated destination — especially if you love to swim, ...'.
Part 2 (Aug. 5, 2018): southern Shan state (more rapids like ...),
Part 3 (Aug. 18, 2018), wildswimming in the delta (no falls), 
Part 4 (Nov. 25, 2018): northern Shan State and 
Part 6 (Mar. 17): Wild waters: Hpa-an.
Your primer to chasing the waterfalls in Burma, good to see these types of articles surfacing in the region.

Every now and then the Vientiane Times (yes Laos) has a focus on waterfalls and the need to get tourists to seek them out.
This (May 14) on northern Bokeo:
'Visitors who like spectacular natural attractions shouldn’t miss an excursion to the waterfall in Huaylom village, Tonpheung district, Bokeo province, where new facilities have been built to make the experience more interesting.
Head of the Tonpheung district Information, Culture and Tourism Office, Mr Sisa-art Koumphon, told Vientiane Times yesterday that these services at the waterfall opened very recently.
It is hoped that the waterfall, now that it is more easily accessible, will attract more visitors and create extra revenue for the local community. The waterfall now has huts for relaxing under and several homestays that enable people to stay overnight, he added.
Besides exquisitely fresh air, visitors to the area can enjoy the hospitality of the local Lahou ethnic group. Traditional foods are available throughout the district, as are local artworks and handicrafts. Cultural performances and displays also dot the calendar year.
The price of homestays is 30,000 kip (about US$4) a night per person. With food, the price goes up an additional 35,000 kip, Mr Sisa-art said.
Huaylom waterfall is located about 30 km from the main town in Tonpheung district, and the road is passable in both the dry and wet seasons.
Many people who visit the waterfall also choose to drive a further 22 km to the beautiful Pongloc hot spring in Meung district.
Mr Sisa-art said Bokeo province has many other places of interest like the Nam Kan protected area in Toub village, Huayxai district.
Here there are some great adventure activities. The lushness of the landscape makes trekking really rewarding and there is ziplining and treehouses to relax in as well.
Huayxai district also has old temples on top of extraordinary cliffs like at Souvanna Khomkham.
Bokeo has colourful activities in all months of the year that will be of interest to visitors, such as the kapok flower festival. Some of the best local foods include khao laeng feun (noodles with chilli sauce) and khao soy tad (noodles fried with sugar sauce or honey) is a dessert favourite'.
crispi_____ on the Bolaven (southern Lao)
Ma Jane dans sa cascade #TarzanLife
And that (Mar. 31) on southern Savannakhet:
'Huay La Larb waterfall is popular new tourist site in Savannakhet
Authorities in Savannakhet province plan to develop Huay La Larb waterfall at Aoi-Tantib village in Nong district, a new natural tourist site in which many visitors have shown an interest.
A senior official, Ms Phetmany Madmanisone, told Vientiane Times on Friday, "Huay La Larb waterfall is beautiful and has a lot of potential to be developed as a tourist site.
"The authorities recently inspected the area around the waterfall and found that many people from different provinces and abroad are interested in visiting the site even though it is still not fully developed, she added.
Wanderwisdom (Apr. 19) has 5 of Laos best waterfalls:
'If you love waterfalls, Laos may be your personal heaven. The country is filled with beautiful waterfalls set in equally beautiful landscapes, courtesy of the country’s high annual rainfall, many rivers, and mountains.
If you like the idea of trekking through dense rainforest to reach cascading waterfalls—perhaps with a stop at a small local village or with some time kayaking down a meandering river—you’ll love visiting waterfalls in Laos.
5 Beautiful Waterfalls in Laos:
Kuang Si Falls (Luang Prabang)
Tat Sae Waterfall (Luang Prabang)
Tad Alang (Bolaven Plateau, Pakse)
Tad Fane (Bolaven Plateau, Pakse)
100 Waterfalls Trek (Nong Khiaw)'
Phnom Penh Post (Mar. 7) has been heading to the southwest of the country to look at some natural attractions:

'If you want to visit an untouched natural place, even it requires trekking for hours, you may want to try Stung Ta Sok waterfall, located between Koh Kong and Pursat provinces.
Stung Ta Sok waterfall. Trekking between Chhay Broy waterfall and Stung Ta Sok waterfall takes one and a half hour to two hours. Pha Lina'.
The same trip probably lead to another write up, this time concerning the Chhay Broy (PPP, Feb. 7):
'The once spectacular Chhay Broy waterfall used to be among Pursat province’s largest and deepest cascades at 50m high and 20m wide, attracting tourists with its beautiful forest landscape, large pool and abundant wildlife.
But all this changed when a Chinese-funded 120-megawatt hydroelectric power dam was built in 2010, as the water flow feeding Chhay Broy significantly slowed as a result of the Stung Atai hydroelectric dam sitting upstream.
“In rainy season, there is plenty of flowing water, but this is also very dangerous as we do not know when the dam will open its gates and flood us downstream. Tourists continue to visit and bathe in the waters. But most challenging for us is that the dam opening could claim lives at anytime [by washing people away]."
Wings out... Preparing for landing... (may 2018)#cliffjumping#cambodia#adventure
Impactexpolrer (Apr. 11) has a look at Katieng waterfall (pictured above), Ratanakiri, Cambodia:
'From the top you can look out across to large trees on the opposite bank. The view of the waterfall is pretty stunning from the top. The water cascades from a gentle pool at the top and drops down at least 10ms to a larger pool below.
I head for the steps that lead me to the bottom pool. I was the only one there, and this made the experience that little bit more special. The rock cavern of the waterfall provides shelter around the perimeter and seems to lower the temperature a few degrees – perfect for the hot weather of Arpil'.
Traveltriangle (May 5) has a Khmer Top 10 waterfalls in the kingdom, another good primer.

The acclaimed Shinta Mani resorts head into the jungle.
Traveldailynews (Nov. 15, 2018) notes how they will be opening a new camp like resort (Shinta Mani Wild), halfway between the capital and Sihanoukville:
'As anticipation builds towards its opening on 21 December, the Shinta Mani Wild- Bensley Collection team is set to unleash a host of wild bespoke Bensley experiences that exemplify the camp’s spirit of fun and adventure, promising authentic interactions with the incredible national parkland setting – all with a twist of Shinta Mani style. From the exhilarating moment of arrival - criss-crossing the rapids via a 380m zipline - there will be no such thing as a typical day at Shinta Mani Wild – Bensley Collection, a radical new concept for a luxury tented camp nestled deep in Cambodia’s South Cardamom National Park.
Guests ... might find themselves joining Wildlife Alliance rangers motorcycling through the forest on anti-poaching patrols and tracking previously unrecorded wildlife activity. Funded by Shinta Mani, the camp’s ranger station enables the non-profit Wildlife Alliance to carry out vital conservation work in the area, including protecting animals from poaching, removing snares and preventing illegal logging'.
 About Asia:
'The lodge is designed by world-renowned hotel architect Bill Bensley (his resume includes the Four Seasons in Chiang Mai and the Four Seasons Golden Triangle). 16 beautifully-designed tents are perched over 1.2 km of waterfalls and rivers, set high to allow migratory animals to pass beneath on their seasonal paths'. 
A good initiative? It does seem to cost a bit ... (and more).
Charmed (May 14) proudly notes

'Microsoft network MSN has included two waterfalls in Vietnam in its list of 15 most charming cascades in the world.
It describes Ban Gioc Waterfall [pictured below] in the northern province of Cao Bang, near the border with China, as ‘a paradise on earth’ while the Dambri Waterfall in Bao Loc Town in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong is mentioned as place worth visiting'.
Nada mas jugando. 📸 @stargar .
Traveltriangle has more waterfalls on offer. They have 10 waterfalls of Hanoi.
Then, 8 beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam (Apr. 9).
Applyvisavietnam has not one post on Ban Ho falls (Nha Trang) but two. Part 2 (May 25) and Part 1 (May 24):

'Discovering the beauty of nature: Ba Ho Waterfall (Part 1). “If you get a chance to go, it’s well worth it.”, said a traveler on Let's read more about this fascinating Ba Ho Waterfall before we get there.It is one of Nha Trang's must-visit attractions, comprised of three natural waterfalls that ends with a clear lake surrounded by a dense rainforest'.
lapega.nails at Suối Tranh - Phú Quốc
Красота! 😍😍😍
Skyscanner (Apr. 10) has a top 10 of best waterfalls in the Philippines (or is it on?). 
Wayph [Apr. 15] has 10 waterfalls for you from Mindanao:
'Mindanao, the second biggest island in the Philippines is a home to numerous virgin forests, pristine beaches and majestic waterfalls. If you opt to skip visiting white sand beaches this summer, then these top ten waterfalls in Mindanao are great places for you to visit:...'.
Can't decide if I love the mountains [and] falls or the sand  [and] sea more from this country [= Philippines].
Then back to the begin, Bali.
Iamindonesia (Apr. 4) has an overview of Bali's waterfalls (n=7). 
The Honeycombers (May 17) doubles that number, a very good overview of the islands many waterfalls. It seems checking out waterfalls is hotly becoming another way to savior the island.

foto.sofichi in Gianyar
I’m very grateful to meet such a beautiful souls in my life.. 🌿@oliverjamesmusicfor the new photo project “Photo Album” 📷
And back to Thailand. 
Below Pai (Mae Hong Son province), while rounding off this entry with yet again another waterfall classic from Ko Phangan.

Donate to my forever adventure fund?

Straight chilling after a big sweaty hike. Tag your skinny dipping partner in the comments. 🍑...#swimminghole #wanderer #wanderlust#islandvibes #mountainvibes #jungle#travelcouples #coupleslovetravel#adventuretogether #traveltogether#digitalnomadcouple

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Straight chilling after a big sweaty hike. Tag your skinny dipping partner in the comments. 🍑
A quick flow through Southeast Asia's more off waterfall-themed photo's. Of recent. Sort of.
Above living the dream on south Thailand's Ko Phangan.

But before dipping on more Thai falls and jungle streams, following are just a selection of Bali's best.

thalia_emar_ at Kanto Lampo waterfall:
Freedom ❣️

shan_unit at Nungnung waterfall:
Some people call it freedom. I call it a lot of convincing! 🙃I can get pretty self-conscious, so doing this was rather daring, but damn, it felt so good. Happiness overload!....#baliswhitestbutt#balibucketlist#seasia#travel#freethenipps#waterfallsofinstagram
paulinapassionflower at Cunca Wulang waterfall:
What. A. Feeling.I find so much joy in simply feeling How glorious it is to feelWe get to feel joy and sorrow and relaxation and confidence and hunger and fulfillment and nourishment and frustration and empathy and pure loveHow lucky are we to feel physical sensationLike when the wind dances on our skinWhen tears stream down our face The goosebumps that happen when you receive that electrifying touch and affection from someone you love or from a tree offering ancient intelligenceWhen you dive into a waterfall as it nourishes your body and you feel wisdomThink about the awe of your mind when you see a rainbowWe are Spirit. Radiating out of geometry Lovely lovely lovely love.
More Indonesia. And around. 
Above on the island of Flores. Following the Philippines (Palawan (Papawyan waterfall) then Siquijor (Cambugahay falls)).

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Don’t breathe. 😅
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The first (above) here from Burma? A risk taker at Dee Dote Yay Pyar waterfall (Shan state, north of Mandalay). 
Following at Bach Ma near Hue, central Vietnam.


bach ma national park - vietnam
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Heading back to where we began, Thailand. More southern Thai, Ko Lanta above, western coast. On the main land, Phang Nha, while Mork Fa falls are located in northern Thailand (Chiang Mai).

Skinny dips in the Sa Nang Manora forest
We had the waterfall all to ourselves today. So of course I took advantage of that. PC: @aussii #🍑#thailand #mokfawaterfall #naked
A local told us about this beautifully hidden
… zoom in at your own risk 😳😉
Then finishing off where we started, on Ko Phangan island both above and below.

I found my own private waterfall. So I stripped right down and jumped in. Wouldn’t you?...#thailand#kohphagnan#doyoutrave#openmyworld#thattravelblog#travelpreneur#digitalnomads


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Washing off 2017 like
Starting off the new year, once again from Bali (Indonesia);the better finds (read the more risqué) tend to come from here. 
Maybe it's a goodbye to 2017 (above); somehow I have only come around to publishing this Juuk Manis waterfall photo now.

Below a no-named waterfall on northern Bali elicits a great story in support of clothesfreedom; pity that our mainstream internet publishers require self-censure, so much for the advancement of humanity.

Back to the days we swam and had showers in epic waterfalls that we had all to ourselves ✨ it feels good to get out of cloth, material & covering up our bodies, it lets us breathe and be as we are, getting some sunshine rays on where it don’t hit 😂 (to majority of society who judge someone/people who express themselves through nudity not modesty) ya clearly don’t require to run around outside in circles naked chanting and advising the public you’re a hippy but truth be told who doesn’t chill around the house or with their close mates naked or shower or get changed or have sex or sleep naked like you’d be lying to yourself mate no need to make it taboo or sexualise nudity when it isn’t the intention nor the right moment. For me personally comfort is necessary if I wanna be clothes-free hahahah like gluten free. If it’s with a person or people I vibe with there can’t be awkward or judgmental energy because quite frankly that’s gross. My sense of humour is fucken weird so generally get naked for a lol or a joke. welcome to my morning mind 😘 hope you got to know me a little bit more past the surface gbye
Free. Naked. Happy. ...#free#nature#naturelovers#lovenature#naked#love;#freedom;#travel#traveler#traveling#backpack#backpacking#waterfalls#wasserfall#globetrotter#2monthtravelling#bali#indonesia#indonesien#ubud#dreads#dreadlockcommunity#dreadshare#dreadhead#wonderlocs#girlwithdreads#dreadsofinsta#freetheboobies;#freetheboobies😁
More Bali (above) while we also have from adjacent Java:

krisdiandro at Curug Leuwi Hejo, west Java:
It’s December 10th🎂
Lemme be in my Birthday Suit 🙊
#SagittarianRULES #BreakTheInternet
Monsoon Mondays #privatewaterfall #skinnydip #malaysia#holidaystyle #eindelijkopvakantie
Heading up the peninsula, above a solitary waterfall attributed to somewhere in Malaysia.

The southern islands of Thailand, are not too far away. Surprising how these islands all note waterfalls to enjoy nature.
Below the no. 2 waterfall on Thailand's Ko Samui (east coast).

The uphill scramble in 80% humidity and flip flops was worth it for this... 😍😍😍
Faire une pause et laisser mon corps reprendre ses droits. J'ai dansé ce matin et je me suis baignée dans une cascade cet après midi, voilà mon genre de fête 🎉 🎉
Les consultations sont terminées pour cette année et en pause pour plusieurs semaines, le temps que j'écrive le plus gros de mon livre en cours et que je prépare ma reprise en consultations pour février ou mars. J'ai envie de prendre des vacances mais mon cerveau continue de fonctionner à plein régime après ces derniers mois intenses 🙃.
Quand on est entrepreneur.e il est difficile de mettre de coté son travail, surtout les premières années... On est constamment en train d'anticiper les prochaines étapes. Je lâche un peu du lest en faisant des activités qui sollicitent moins ma tête et plus mon corps, je me dis que les bonnes idées resteront et que les mauvaises repartiront si je ne me suis pas précipitée pour les noter 🤓.
J'apprends aussi à me demander ce dont j'ai besoin et à me le donner, c'est plus simple pour moi ici j'ai bien fait de venir ♥️
Et vous ? De quoi avez-vous besoin ? .
📸 : 🌈
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Above a no-named waterfall on Ko Phangan, just north of Samui, both part of Surat Thani province. 

Unfortunately for the lookers, from here onwards, there's a bit of text to be dealt with, as I will share a couple of news clippings.
The Bangkok Post (Dec. 13) heads down south to Nakhon Si Thammarat
'Located 807km from Bangkok and about 30km or a 30 minutes' drive from Muang district, Phrom Lok Community has numerous natural attractions, local food and a variety of fruits for tourists to enjoy. A must-see in the community is Phrom Lok Waterfall visited by several royals. This waterfall is one of 10 in Khao Luang National Park....The TAT wants community tourism to attract a new generation of tourists by selecting communities in line with their needs. A team of designers from Bangkok University was invited to decorate and present local dishes in an interesting way and renovate homestays in 14 local communities, including Phrom Lok. Selected social media volunteers were invited to tour the communities and post their photos and comments'.
Following, off South Thailands west coast, the island of Ko Lanta. The waterfall located on the south of the island near Khlong Chak.

Found the fall 💦 #khlongchak#waterfall #kohlanta #thailand #krabi#jungletrek
Self censured
Doei Chiang Mai, tot de volgende 👋🏼
Heading north, northern Thailand is our next hot spot. 
Above the Huay Kaew near Chiang Mai city (top), while just outside thChiang Mai city boundaries is the Monthathan waterfall.

สวัสดี 😝🙈
The Bangkok Post (Nov. 1) takes a look at Chat Trakan (Phitsanulok):
'The other day while waiting out a heavy rain, my thought somehow drifted to Namtok Chat Trakan National Park of Phitsanulok province. Its namesake waterfalls are among those that often become lifeless in the dry season. I still remember that in 2016, the falls had to be closed to visitors from late March to the end of April simply because there was so little water. With plenty of rainfall this year, I expected that Chat Trakan waterfalls were likely to be at their best. So last weekend my friends and I made a trip to the park. Not only were we not disappointed, but the park amazed us with some pleasant surprises.
We arrived at the park in the evening just before the checkpoint was closed. We quickly pitched our tents at the camping ground and went to sleep early, partly because we were tired from spending the entire day on the road and partly because we wanted to wake up fresh the next day ready for the hike to all seven levels of the falls'.
Below is from Pai (Mae Hong Son province).

r o o t s 🌱
Now well and truly sans photo, we head from Laos.
The Bangkok Post (Dec. 27):
'When tourists go to the Unesco World Heritage town of Luang Prabang in Laos, many immediately think of Buddhist temples, such as Phra That Phou Si, and the simple yet beautiful way of life evinced in traditions like sticky-rice almsgiving. As a matter of fact, Luang Prabang has numerous natural attractions, such as waterfalls and Tham Ting (Pak Ou Cave) for visitors to enjoy. One of the most popular spots is Kuang Si Waterfall. Nestled in a tropical forest about 30km from the town centre, Kuang Si Waterfall has water all year round. In the rainy season, from April until mid-October, tthe water is deep green and people can hear the sound of the falling water from a long distance. In the dry season, from November until March, the water is bluish due to the presence of minerals such as copper.
A large number of tourists, both Lao and foreign, enjoy themselves at the waterfall. Many like to swim and soak themselves in the fall's natural pools. Jumping must be done with extreme caution while diving is prohibited there. Wearing bikinis and very revealing swimwear should be avoided'.
Odd this last sentence, there's nothing within Lao culture which would require this advice.

The Phnom Penh Post (Dec. 21) has an article on a lesser known waterfall in Pursat province:
'Chhay Roka Waterfall, with its beautiful wild flower strewn waterfall and its natural swimming pool, is fast becoming a popular spot for both local and foreign tourists, and its isolated location down small, winding paths means that motorbikes are the transport of choice for those who venture to this glorious location.
Located near Veal Veng district’s O’Som commune, situated in Pursat province, Chhay Roka Waterfall is a natural wonder estimated to be 40m high and 25m wide, with its swimming pool 2m deep. 
“Visitors can hire motorbike from nearby villagers or a homestay guesthouse. They reach the area by passing though banana plantations and forested areas." 
“It only takes one hour, but drivers can easily lose their way if they do not have experience, so we recommend a guide,” said homestay owner and local guide Noun Lim. 
Lim is head of Osoam Community Centre and runs a homestay guesthouse situated on the villages’ famously cold lake.
He also acts as a local guide, helping tourists organise hiking and camping trips to the area’s many waterfalls, as well as wildlife spotting trips to Samkos Mountain (‘Ghost Mountain’). 
“Most of our visitors are foreigners who wish to camp at waterfalls over night . . . tourists also enjoy trekking to see wild elephants, bison and bovine in the Ghost Mountain too,” Lim said.
Tourists who wish to visit this untouched waterfall must head along National Road 55, turning left at Veal Veng district’s Promouy Market until they reach O’Som commune. Sport-utility vehicles are recommended even during dry season'.
Grilled scorpions, snakes, magots and spiders? Yikes. Kullen [Siem Reap, Cambodia] Mountain and falls was absolutely beautiful and MUCH more impressive than I thought it would be. Glad my drone didn't crash too. Did you know that a lot of Cambodian villages don't have access to clean drinking water? Unclean water means a multitude of illnesses being spread to families and especially to young children. If you'd like to help, donate here: Or their Facebook page for more information: To help distribute water filter to people who need it most, a little can go a long way!


Me and four other travellers headed down from the homestay to Ban Gioc to experiance Vietnam's largest waterfall.Ban Gioc is the fourth largest waterfall in the world that sits on an International border. It's 30 meters high and 300 meters wide and was one of the most incredible moments of my life. To share it with fellow likeminded traveller's and be energised by the cool, clear water made it even more wonderful.
Heading eastwards, above Ban Gioc, northern Vietnam, below Kay-Ibon Falls (Luzon, Philippines), while rounding this edition off with a uncharacteristic entry from Taiwan.

rizzahdemesa at Kay-Ibon Falls, Luzon, Philippines
Let go and let life happen.
20181207既然這裡都沒人的話那我就脫了..#宜蘭秘境 #南澳 #扇子瀑布 #清水溪 #南澳北溪 #金岳瀑布 #花蓮黑辣日常 #gopro#goprohero7 #taiwan #nanao#taiwanwaterfalls #goprophoto #outdoorgirl#nakedinnature
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