Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Khlong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet province, is another of Thailand’s drive in waterfalls. Visited in November 2008 the falls were huge (40 m across, 100m high) and freezing. Wind was wipping a mist which certainly added to the atmosphere but not to the desire to take to the waters. The falls are located smackbang next to the National Park headquarters, with a car park having ample space for even coaches. A few stalls nearby are selling and serving.

Kampheang Phet, the name of the provincial capital as well, is itself about 45 minutes drive away. Take the main highway south to km 346 and then follow road number 1117 for 40 km. From here an entrance road continues to the falls over a distance of 6 km.

The town has a wide variety of accommodation styles as well as sufficient restaurants. One of the best places I have stayed in Thailand is also to be found,the Scenic Riverside Resort. The town has some ruins quite near the center.

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