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ahmadarifin754 at Airterjun Tumpaksewu (East Java)
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With the seasonal deluge underway, let's look at a couple of news items serving as backdrop to the many pictures.

Cambodia, waterfalls and relocation. Continues. Cambodia Daily (Jun. 23):
'A group of about 1,000 families living in Siem Reap province’s Phnom Kulen National Park will be relocated to prevent them from continuing an environmentally detrimental trend of clearing land, building homes, selling and repeating, the environment minister said on Thursday.
The villagers have “recently” taken up occupation in the park without land titles, invoking fear that they will destroy the popular tourist attraction—Kulen mountain has a waterfall, Angkorian temples and an ancient rusty-red laterite stone staircase—with their waste and continued resettlement, Say Sam Al said.
mrokb at Tatai waterfalls (Koh Kong, Cambodia):
One pair of shorts
Cambodia, nature, protection and waterfalls are  always in a quandary. Whenever development takes place to allow tourists and residents to visit nature in it's purest form, it usually comes at the expense of nature, thus resulting in a loss of beauty, which was the reason to invite tourists to enjoy in the first place.
Back in 2009, I visited Thmor Roong (O'Bak Rotes) halfway Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Conveniently located with fair access, back then it already experienced considerable degradation and overuse.  
Now years later, it seems that the answer for the future is to let money talk. Which I suppose will mean access to cut off for locals and less fortunate.
Shinta Mani Wild as it is slated, plans to muscle itself in and establish a luxury camp experience. It's own web site:
'Set along 1.5 kilometers of river and waterfalls, Bensley has set out to create his most ambitious luxury camp project to date. 16 100sqm, custom designed tents are perched over the swift moving waters and waterfalls, providing a view and experience unlike any other resort in Asia. Each tent has been meticulously designed to invoke the feeling of what it would have been like to be on a luxury safari in the jungles of Cambodia with Jacky O’.
The Phnom Penh Post (Aug. 17) adds:
'Shinta Mani’s bid to provide a super luxurious camping experience will target both local and international guests. But it won’t be for those on a shoestring budget with the luxury tents in the resort set to cost $1,500 per night'.
The cost of conservation?

ceritaeka at Coban Ciblungan (East Java):
Karena air terjun nggak pernah ingkar janji. Nggak kayak kamu yang bilangnya mau ngerjain tugas, eh.... Tau-taunya malah entah ngapain ama si dia....
Honestly, what else are you supposed to do when you find a secluded jungle oasis?
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An in-depth article on Lao waterfall Tad Pheung (Borneo Bulletin, Jul. 30):
'Champassak Province is well known for its relaxed pace of life, warm hospitality along with a rich cultural history.
Numerous stunning waterfalls also attest to its impressive natural heritage. The province boasts some significant waterfalls such as Southeast Asia’s biggest Khonephapheng, as well as Somphamit, Tad Phasuam, Tad Fan, Tad Yeuang and Tad Etu.
Another such wonder, Tad Pheung, is less well-known to tourists as it is hidden in the high jungle of the Bolaven Plateau.
Overall, visiting this beautiful waterfall is highly recommended as there are no big hotels or resorts, simply nature at its best.
Camp sites and genuine local hospitality make it a perfect place for an eco-friendly weekend break to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Waterfalls are meant for meditating under. Can you tell I watch too much anime and martial arts movies. Fair to say I haven't developed super human reflexes just yet...

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glenlord168 at Seven Wells, Langkawi (Malaysia):
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sierrahofstatter at Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Bali:
Don't do things solely to please other people. Do things that YOU want to, based on how YOU feel, for what YOU love, and what YOU want to create and attract. Of course--be mindful of your effect on others, but don't let collective conditioning enable the inner oppressor. Don't let what is "socially acceptable" or "normal" or "how you should be" dictate your actions. Don't let it minimize the strength of your inner power and inner voice. The universe created YOU in absolute perfection to express the uniqueness that is YOU. You are perfect and powerful exactly as you are.
It scares me to post what I wrote here. My inner oppressor says: "it's too forward, it's too bossy, don't ever tell people what to do!" But honestly at this point in my life, I am done playing small. I am done minimizing the self that has been repressed for too long. I am done worrying about how I might be received and judged in my fullness, with the whole spectrum of life, from the beauty to the mess. I am ready to let go of the seemingly infinite stories I have of why not to express my true self. I am ready to embrace my wisdom, my weirdness, my gifts, my struggles, my sierraness. And I am ready to hold space for the potential reactions this might trigger in others. I feel such power in these words... I AM READY. Bring it 😎
On that note, here's a picture of my butt. Lol. More importantly, a waterfall. And most importantly, me being me, naked at a waterfall.. 🌸🙈😎🤔🌈❤️ thanks @kate_decoste for catching me in such an epically candid moment 🙏🏼✨ #ready #embrace #mantra #trueself #butt
Let's move to the Philippines.
Ingkumhan Falls / Dimiao / Bohol / Philippines 🇵🇭 #ForumSession
kellzcampbell at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor Island (Talayong):
Naked Falls 🤙🏽 #theadventuresoftomandkelly#skinnydipping - p.s we are not naked 
heatherflaman at El Busero, Port Barton, Palawan:
K... I know they said not to but... #wewentchasingwaterfalls #whereismackenzeh 🙈😂☀️😎
miska_pampeliska at Sai Rung waterfall (Phang Nga), though Trang is hashtagged ...:
This is JUNGLE!!! 🐅
Photo credits: @vojta.lzn
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Some Thai news. The Bangkok Post (May 3) had a feature on south Thailand Trang province featuring waterfalls.
'During the hot-weather season, one thing that can cool you down is to dip yourself in water. In Trang, there are at least two waterfalls locals like to visit, both located not far from the city.
The site [Bo Ched Luk waterfall, or Seven-Ponds waterfall] is not fully developed to be an attraction, and visitors must have permission and a guide, he noted.
Another popular waterfall among locals in Trang is Kachong. It is located in the Khao Chong Botanical Garden in Na Yong, about 20km east of the city.
The waterfall is easy to reach. It is located only 500m from the car park, and about 1km from the headquarters of the botanical garden'.
rosadejulia at Pa La U waterfall (Phetchaburi):
Es cierto, he perdido mi billete de vuelta, me quedo en Asia 😜

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More. The ever apparent negatives. UK's Mirror (Jul. 22) notes how now even a well known actor fell victim to a Thai waterfall:
'A British tourist miraculously survived a 260ft drop from a waterfall in Thailand - only four miles from where EastEnders star Paul Nicholls suffered an almost identical ordeal and nearly died.

It emerged yesterday that the actor had plunged down the Khun Si falls [on Ko Samui] and smashed his leg, leaving him unable to move and seek help for several days before he was eventually found and rescued'.
angelinaaa_ng at Mae Sa (Chiang Mai)

Backlash at Ban Ho waterfall (Khánh Hòa, central Vietnam):
Think 💭 how good you will feel after exercise
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Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has it's own skinnydipping spot apparently. Saigoneer (Aug. 1):
'Vietnam’s capital city has a reputation for being a pretty conservative place. So it might come as a surprise for some to know that there is an entire community of adult men who like to skinny-dip near Hanoi's city center.
While nudity is not illegal outside of densely populated areas in Vietnam, it is still frowned upon. Many people have criticized the group for being unhealthy or inappropriate.
In addition to community backlash, it is also fairly dangerous. The currents on the Red River are strong, and there have been occasional drowning victims over the years'.
stacscrog at Tranh waterfall on Phu Quoc (off the south coast)
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