Saturday, October 17, 2009

Milky and fluffy

Once more a picture taken with daylight fading. Pong Phra Bat waterfall, Chiang Rai province is essentially a series of smaller falls and rapids. Trails take you up a bit, but it's more a discover-your-own kind of place. Access (see below) is easy and there is ample parking space.

Once more a great place for a dip during the week, nobody around. When we visited it was late October (2007) already getting cooler. Nearby is a
hot spring with the same name.

Pong Phra Bat is located in the forest park with the same name. Referring to the waterfall:
'An islet waterfall with the milky fluffy spray when fall down and clear water in the pleasant atmosphere which is encircling with the abundant of plants for relaxing. And enjoying the beauty of the nature'.
Access is relatively easy, if you have your own wheels. Take highway 1 north out of Chiang Rai, to the first village (Bandu) / turn off, past the airport. Take the access road along the highway and turn to your left, drive up this road for a km or so until you have a sharp right hand turn. Instead drive through the gate straight ahead of you with the pond on your left, this is where the hot springs of the same name are located. For the Pong Phra Bat waterfall just continue on the paved road for another 5 km's until you come to the end parking. From there it's a 20 minute walk.

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