Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waterfalls everywhere

Kanchanaburi, Dai Chong Thong waterfall and Kroeng Krawia (Kreng Kra Wia or other variations) are two good accessible waterfalls in western Kanchanburi, Thailand. Both located in Khao Laem National Park, no entrance fee is required to visit these falls.

Kroeng Krawia lies directly along the road to Sangkhlaburi (on the border with Burma, home of Thailand's longest wooden bridge) which is roughly 30 km away. Good rest facilities exist at these falls, though lodging would be available in Sangkhlaburi or Thong Pha Phum, 35 km back the other way. From Kanchanaburi it is 190 km at least.

The Kroeng Krawia falls jump over low heights (1-2 m) as the stream finds it's way through the forest.

Dai Chong Thong waterfall is walkable from the parking area of Kroeng Krawia, take the side road up for 500 m, then take a left for another 500 m until you hit the stream, it should be more down stream. When we visited back in August 2009, it was during and just after heavy rainfall and the stream was flooding such that there were waterfalls everywhere.

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