Friday, January 8, 2010


Namtok Pha Rom Yen is for once a waterfall that fails to fall under some kind of protective state run Thai agency. Probably that accounts for it being quite difficult to find. It all seems pretty straight forward, leave Ban Rai town (Uthai Thani province, Thailand) direct west along highway 3011. Continue for roughly 20 km until you have just reached the top of a mountain plateau. Take the first road right about 1 km before the police post. You now go down steeply, pity of all the height just achieved. Stop in the first hair pin bend. There are small spirit houses and a dress in plastic. From the bend of the corner look back over the valley and you will see the water fanning out over the cliff.

The corner in the bend is where to park. Two spirit houses and a dress.
From here one can see the waterfall drop from the opposing cliff side.

One can get to the foot of this fall with a frenetic scramble. From the parking there is a path going down to the river. It then goes through the stream upwards. Where there are two distinct streams joining take the left fork and with the aid of a rope haul yourself up to the end of the first level (derscriptors mention 4 levels). Not really a waterfall to plunge in, though the mist from the impressive 100 m height envelops the surroundings making this very lush. There's also a great view from here.

Lush undergrowth

Another thing striking is that the water contains a lot of lime which results in sediments building up from the bottom of the fall upwards.

A very beautiful waterfall and different. A pity though that there seems to be even a scrap of management. Prior visitors are leaving behind quite a bit of evidence. This contrasts with this description:
'The entire environment surrounding the waterfalls is serene and mostly unspoiled by any kind of urban civilization, thereby providing visitors a soothing atmosphere to relax and have fun'.

More photo's from the Thai government site.

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