Monday, November 9, 2009


Again not really a waterfall but rapids. O’Russey Kandal (or O'Russei Kandal) in Cambodia’s northernmost province of Stung Treng offers a nice place to get away from it all. Around the rapids an area of forest is being protected from land grab and / or speculation by a project intended to develop and popularize the rapids without effecting the environment. The village in cooperation with local national NGO Mlup Baitong has set aside some walking trails, rent outs bikes as well as arranges overnite stays. More info on the project's workings can be found in this article in the Cambodian Scene. Another initiative includes this site in the Mekong Discovery Trail.

O’Russey Kandal is 28 km south of the provincial capital just before you go over a bridge. Go to the east for 500m until you reach the car park.

The rapids are quite dependent on rainfall, below you can see that in April 2009 water levels were low, but still enough for a splash around. It being a weekday visitors were low.

After a long way in the car great for a cooling dip.

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