Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Erawan waterfall is rated as Thailand's most famous, most popular and less fortunately it's also the best visited (Elliott, S. & G. Cubitt - The National Parks and other wild places of Thailand. 2001).

The Erawan falls are the namesake of the surrounding national park (don't forget hefty entrance fee); Erawan itself named after Indra, an elephant with three heads which is believed to have transported Bhuddha from the state of enlightment back to the world of ordinary people (source) .
During the monsoon the top level of the 7 levels has three sepearte streams, hence the name, the waterfalls resembling the three trunks.

Each of the levels are only just a few meters in height, some with a plunge pool beneath.

Visited in August 2009 and on a weekday the park and falls were not too overrun. In each pool along the way several tourists were swimming, seemingly undisturbed by the frisky carp which tend to nibble at the swimmers.

A subdued son; no fun swimming with fish feeding on you. Bummer!

From Kanchanaburi take highway 3199 and keep following the signs. there is a monstrously big car park and even a real market a km away, so refreshemnts are always availble. There are a number of resorts nearby, but Erawan lies conveniently to most Kanchanaburi located staying options.

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