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Waterfall in rinjani national park #lombokwaterfalls #waterfall #lombok #rinjaninationalpark

It's been a while I'll admit. 

But I've not much newly enjoyed waterfall chases to add, certainly not in Southeast Asia.
So I might have been tempted to make this a very, very sleepy blog. Then again it's 3 years since the last posting, so maybe it was already sleepy ...

But I've decided to add a news section every now and then, a bit irregular. Also a way to add pictures and hopefully encourage chases and the safe use of waterfalls.

A big inspiration for this posting goes to the website Taiwan Waterfalls which has an exceptional detailed and extensive piece on Bali's waterfalls (August 10, 2015). 
No less than details of 13 waterfalls are noted, some more well-known, others more secretive. And the author adds that despite the details of these waterfalls, he's to add more.

This place is beautiful. #Maubisse #waterhole #waterfall #water #rocks #beautiful #jump #timor #timorleste #freezing #nofilter

Another inspiration for this awakening, was the tale by Richard Collett (travel-tramp, April 21, 2015) entitled The Man Who Fell Down the Tallest Waterfall in Laos:
'Hoping that we’d missed him at the top while we had been drinking our Beer Laos, we set about looking around through the forest, peering into abyss every now and then, to snatch a glimpse of the track.
There was no one else in sight though- not until we headed back to the entrance of the track and there, sat in the bushes, was an exhausted figure. Rushing over we realised it was our mate. He was battered, muddy and disheveled. We gave him a beer, and he said he’d fallen into the waterfall. Somewhat roughed up, after a while he began to tell us what had happened. ....'.
Less inspiring, Vietnam and China want to further exploit the border waterfall of Ban Gioc (Vietnamnet, August 7, 2015). Sounds very exciting:
'The fourth round of negotiations on an agreement on cooperation in protecting and exploiting tourism resources within the Ban Gioc Waterfall vicinity between Vietnam and China ran in Beijing from August 2-6.

Both sides discussed issues of mutual concern frankly and reached consensus on all draft contents of the agreement. They agreed to speed up their domestic assessments of the pact as well as the organisation of the next round for signing preparations. The two sides then inked the meeting minutes'.

A website with a fair share of waterfall info is travelfish; my fist call whnever needing travel info on Southeast Asia. 
Recent entries on waterfalls include those around Luang Prabang, Laos (January 30, 2015), the Bolaven plateau, Laos (January 31, 2015) and Munduk, Bali (March 3, 2015).

If wanting to check out a waterfall or two on that Bolaven plateau, mergingworldsstravel (April 25, 2015) has taken the time to write down all the details, a must see posting:
'Oh Pakse, Pakse, Pakse. Such great memories of whisking the motorbike through your empty highways surrounded by forest, jungle, foliage and villages. Cruising from waterfall to waterfall, swimming in natural pools as cascades of water drop from cliffs above crashing into the water below. Providing an escape from the heat, a natural playground, unspeakable beauty'.
Definitely not almost going in the drink... #Pakse #Paksong #Laos #BolavenPlateau #Travelling #Waterfall
Must do
More waterfall related postings focusing on the most this or that. Here's just a short selection:
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  • 14 stunning Philippine waterfalls worth chasing (skyscanner, December 2014).
  • 16 Waterfalls In The Philippines That Will Take Your Breath Away (trekeffect,  August 3, 2015):
'Visiting a waterfall is probably the most relaxing and, at the same time, fulfilling kind of nature tripping. The sound of the water, from above crashing down below, is not only the best takeaway in the entire experience but the visually stunning greens surrounding it as well'.
  • 20 Amazing Waterfalls to Visit This Summer (lamudi.com.ph, April 10, 2015). 
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And then our tops came flying off... emojiemojiemojiemoji #goodtimes #maesawaterfall #waterfall #chiangmai #ThaiFruitFest #thailand #RawTill4 #vegan #goodvibes #gofruityourself #carbthefuckup #travelgram #wanderlust #skinnydipping #gopro 
Source, see also youtube ...

    As said above, despite the high degree of pleasure a dip under a cooling waterfall can result in, they are also something to be treated with caution as the following short links will prove. 
    Also note that many a casualty is the result of risk taking either be it to take a selfie or to overextend.
    Thanh nien news (July 28, 2015):
    'An 18-year-old man fell from a waterfall in central Vietnam and died during a trip with his friends on Sunday.
    Huynh Thanh Son climbed up the Ba Waterfall in Binh Thuan Province with three of his friends after they arrived. 
    It just stopped raining and his friends said he slipped and fell when they were taking photos'.
    'A German student has died after falling into a steep ravine at a waterfall on a popular Malaysian resort island [Langkawi], police said on Sunday'. 
    (ndtv, October 19, 2014).
    'A man was badly injured in the head and neck after he fell while bathing at the waterfall at the Kanching Recreational Forest in Templer's Park near Kuala Lumpur yesterday'.
    (The Malaysian insider, June 23, 2015).
    'Two high school have plunged to their deaths from a Central Java cliff while trying to take selfies, an official said on Tuesday'.
    (Jakarta globe, March 21, 2015).
    Spaniard falls to death from waterfall (Bangkok Post, March 26, 2015).
    'A 24-year-old Newcastle man has died while on holiday in Thailand. Hugh Smith was on Koh Samui when he and a friend, Benjamin Kemp, 20, from Bar Beach, both fell from a waterfall'. 
    (Newcastle Herald, February 12, 2015).

    Stay safe.

    simple Saturday morning getaway to Tengkil Falls, a beautiful 4 storey high waterfall in Kota Tinggi. Took a 2.5 hr hike to get to it, but the refreshing waterfall massage makes up for it. Washed away all the sweat! Definitely wanna go again! =D #TengkilFalls #KotaTinggi #Waterfall #MalaysiaWaterfall #WaterfallMassage #Relaxing #Refreshing #WashingUp #WantToGoAgain
    Safe selfing, source
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