Monday, October 19, 2009

Flying Water

Some of the better waterfalls are those off the tourist trail. One of such is Yeh Mempeh (translates as 'Flying Water') near Les village on Bali's northeastern coast, Indonesia.

Les is a village on the circular road along the north-east Bali coast. From the center of the village take a road inland, keeping the temple left. After the temple the road gets steep very swiftly. And ends near a very small parking area, next to a shop. From here a trail follows a fast flowing river, first through rambutan orchards, then as the rock walls close in the stream and surroundings become rocky and full of scree.

No entrance fee is required, though the person assisting with parking does ask for a donation. The donation is given and noted in a large book with all prior donatee's, it's that kind of place. Lodging and restaurants are further away, though the shop does sell much including noodles if required.

The waterfall itself drops from a large height, 50-60 m. Unfortunately there is no deep or large pool, though the stream itself is refreshing. Locals are bathing starkers (but discreetly) down stream when we visited in December 2008, though I doubt that if we do the same it would be appreciated much.

More info / experience including GPS coordinates on Onelovebali writes:
'Like many natural spots in Bali, this place also considered sacred by the people. Some Balinese visitors occasionally bring simple offerings such as incense or flower to be placed on the rocks not far from the waterfall. Local guides normally escort visitors to this site, but even though when you visit this site without them it is advised to behave and speak in proper or gentle manner around the area or better still, along the journey'.

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