Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back then

A post entry without photo? Kinda lost the few photo's I had. In 1990 I spent a couple of days camping on the coast of Ko Tarutao, a then quite remote island of Satun province's coast.

Inland was what was then known as the non-name waterfall. It was an hour long scramble to get there a sort of a trail cris-crossing the stream. At the end was a 4 m waterfall, but no pool. However if I look at recent photo's on i-net they all claim that there's a pool. Funny back then we stripped and took a shower. Nowadays it doesn't seem to the custom, and though I acknowledge that it's not that remote anymore it still is way way away from what can be called civilization ...

Part of a National Marine Park, Ko Tarutao can be reached by boot from Pak Ba within 2 hours. On the island there is limited accommodation with some food and drinks available. The Lu Du fall is accessible from Ao San beach. Nearby is also Lo Po waterfall, which is even less visited ... Maybe we went there?

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