Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ko Chang is always the next big thing in Thailand. Not a thought that it could be a thing of it's own. One problem it has in meeting the ticket, is that the island is very mountainous rendering inter-island travel difficult. There are only steep and narrow roads bringing you from one beach to the other.

However the mountains could also have been their saving grace and given Ko Chang a charm of it's own. Still heavily forested and located in a part of Thailand which has just a brief dry season, rivers flow year long. Or was that in past tense? Most water is required by the seaside resorts which offer only that, the sea.

The interior is ostensibly a national park. The main reason is possibly to shake tourists 200 THB for the privilege of seeing a half dried up Khlong Phlu waterfall. Visited in 2005 the dry had already set in. Possibly it might be a delight during the wet season.

Accessible from Ao Khlong Phrao beach a sealed road leads to the ticket counter and tourist trinkets mall. A 500m track heads on to the bottom of the falls. A great looking pool lies beneath the 30-40 m fall, but I was not so interested . Just for the photo op. then again on the web there seem many contended tourists, it's just might be what you expect ....

More info on waterfalls on Koh Chang can be found from this website.

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