Thursday, October 15, 2009

Start from the top

Considering the first waterfall I visited in Southeast Asia was somewhere back in 1988 and I intend to post all the consequent visits, the question is where to start? From back then? The best? The most resourced?

I thought I would begin with the most recent. Cambodia. Koh Kong province. Tatai waterfall.

Located on the river of the same name, it's the best accessed waterfall in this until recently remote province which lies on the coast closest to Thailand.

With a wide fall over 10-15m, two weeks ago there was plenty of water. There are some great pools inbetween and below. It's pretty unique in that the bottom is brack water under eb and flow conditions, while before the fall there is fresh water.

We accessed it coming on foot from the excellent Rainbow Lodge, a 2 hour hike through tough undergrowth. It is also reachable by boat from the first bridge leaving Koh Kong for the rest of cambodia or by car from the same road.

There are not many facilities, quite often in Cambodia this is a relief.

Another short report on the falls and Rainbow lodge can be found here.

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