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Into deep

Somewhere deep in Southeast Asia… 🍑🍑🍑💦
Are we comfy? 
Well hang tight because following seems to be an exceptional lengthy piece of what's trending in word and with pictures. 
As concerning enjoying Southeast Asia's natural fresh waters ...

Starting off with the website Traveltriangle which has been doing a lot of publishing on the regions waterfalls.
'10 Best Laos Waterfalls Every Traveler Should visit For A Rejuvenating Break
Pure shimmering water cascading down rocks and cliffs, makes Laos waterfalls a sight to behold. Some of the best waterfalls in Laos are in Luang Prabang while others are scattered across the country, each more alluring than the other'. 
'10 Magnificent Waterfalls In Thailand That Showcase The Magic of Nature!...Apart from these must things to do, this country is also a home to world’s most beautiful waterfalls resting away from the clutter of city life. Adorned by the lush-green surroundings, there are numerous waterfalls in Thailand'.
psico_tico at Mae Yen, Chiang Mai:
А вот и сам виновник нашей прогулки и экшн, который творится вокруг 
'These 8 Waterfalls In Vietnam Are Beautiful Enough To Sweep you off your feet!
Vietnam is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lit nightlife, and a good amount of historical sites. But if you have explored all and want to see more, then the waterfalls in Vietnam will help you live the dream. Offering jaw-dropping sights and giving peace to mind and soul, they are must-visit!' 
'10 Majestic Waterfalls In Malaysia That Are Beyond Words!
Did you know that there are over 100 known waterfalls in Malaysia? That is a lot! And the deep and dense jungles, without a doubt, might be hiding many more magnificent ones that are yet to be discovered'. 
And Bali:
'10 Picturesque Waterfalls In Bali Where You'll Find Heaven On Earth
Bali is home to some of the most gorgeous waterfalls that not only offer a heavenly experience but also breathtaking vistas that soothe your tired soul'.
soo.zee.q  at Juuk Manis (Bali):
 I’m not coming home. 📷 @spiritoftheunicorn
Staying with Bali.
IndonesiaTripCanvas has an overview of 18 Bali hidden waterfalls:
'This exotic melting pot of an island offers much more than meets the eye. Waterfalls, for instance, have been Bali’s hidden gems that seem lesser-known to many tourists. Hidden in deep jungles and valleys, these waterfalls are as breathtaking as the beaches we find in Bali!'
Asian Wanderlust (Jul. 16) has 10 Balinese waterfalls on display:
'There are actually a number of beautiful waterfalls, most of which are even swimmable, throughout Bali that can be visited within a day'. 
nikwoodlife on Bali (Sekumpul?):
"I just want you to be happy. ⠀...and naked. "
The Mandagies have an article (Sep. 28) on waterfalls of East Java:
'So we decided to create this list of must-see waterfalls in East Java. We’re sharing some of the best photos, what to expect, and how to get to each. It’s totally possible to plan a trip here, and we’ll show you how!' (Sep. 21) lists 5 waterfalls on Lombok.

sara.n.plans at Binalayan Falls, Samboan, Cebu:
“Water is the driving force of all nature” - L. Da Vinci ...🙏🏼✨🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️🌊.. .#philipines #travel #adventure #life#photography #photooftheday #la #nature#falls #waterfalls #hiddenfalls#binalayanfalls #cebu #healthy #meditation#water #yoga #swimming #se #au#barcelona girl #aroundtheworld with my #love #film #filmaker
Visitpinas has an article (Sep. 25) on waterfalls:
'Lovers of the outdoors have a lot of amazing adventures to choose from in the Philippines. One destination to explore are waterfalls in the thousands of islands comprising the Philippine archipelago. What are the best waterfalls to visit?'
I counted 26 waterfalls.

Exploretraveloka (Sep. 19) has 15 Filipino falls on offer.

fab_jk at Pulangbato Falls (Negros):
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Adventurecatcher has 6 waterfalls from the island of Bohol:
'If you think Bohol in the Philippines is only about the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, it’s time to change your perspective a little bit.
Bohol is a land blessed with plenty of gorgeous waterfalls and natural pools stretched across the island. With a little help from local friends, I discovered some of the most spectacular ones, but are still little known in Bohol'.
Wanderingwheatleys notes (Jun. 28) 7 waterfalls on Cebu:
'The following 7 spectacular waterfalls on the southern end of the island are not-to-be-missed during your visit to this island paradise'.
elaine_navales at Baganga, Davao Oriental:
Mamorts#buttexposure #waterfalls #nakedtruth
A recent posting of a map with 20 waterfalls in Vietnam.

beccaannerobinson at Bản Tả Phìn - Sapa (north Vietnam):
My lovely photographer @jules___jones captured some great glam shots at this waterfall, but this is my favorite one because it's a perfect shot of me clearly tripping over a rock. I'd say that 28 is going just about as expected so far 🙃
#birthdaygirl #birthdayweekend #birthdaytrip#sapa #sapaochau #swimming #nude#skinnydipping #inked #tattooed#thebigtwoeight #mountainlife#swimminghole #trek #traveltheworld#vietnam #southeastasia #SEAyoulater#beccagoestoSEA
 VietnamExpress (Sep. 23) looks at the downside:
'A South Korean youth died Saturday after he jumped off the Datanla Waterfalls in Da Lat, local reports say.
Six other tourists who jumped before him are fine, the reports said.
Da Lat welcomed around 3.38 million tourists in the first half of this year, including 245,000 foreigners, up 20 percent from a year ago.
Safety has been a nagging concern, though, with several accidents injuring or killing visitors.
Last year, a Polish tourist and a Vietnamese tour guide fell to their deaths while climbing down a waterfall in Da Lat. A local travel firm was later fined VND100 million ($4,380) for providing the unlicensed tour in which the fatal accident took place.
In 2016, three British tourists died while climbing the Datanla with an unauthorized tour guide'.
The sexy island of Koh Phangan is the perfect place for skinny dipping in a waterfall. That's exactly what we did this week when the temperatures reached well over 💯F and the humidity not far behind. This waterfall is just a 3 minute hike from our bungalow at Khao Raa. Thanks to the low season, we weren't interrupted by anyone during our activities 😅
We're off to the south of Thailand, where the many islands provide the backdrop to idyll's. 
Wanderersandwarriors has taken a look at the waterfalls on Koh Phangan:
'Koh Phangan Waterfalls are a sight to see if you catch them in the right season. So here’s our guide to the top waterfalls in Koh Phangan and when to visit'. 
Emilia swirled with waterfalls to swim and drove for a moment even to the edge of the pool, where she left the drop.
Translated from Vaupas Valita on Ko Samui.

But it's not plain sailing on Samui. 
Beware. Bangkok Post (Feb. 23): 
'A 32-year-old Czech man has fallen to his death from a cliff at the Bang Khun Si waterfall on Koh Samui after entering an off-limits section to take a selfie.
Two other tourists have previously fallen to their death from the cliff, and three others have been injured in falls, he said. The most recent was on Feb 18 this year, when a Russian was injured.
A common thread throughout the wider region; nearby Phuketnews (Oct. 15) also reports on tragedy:
'A 25-year-old man died after leaping into a rock pool at Bangpae Waterfall in Pa Khlok, Thalang, yesterday afternoon (Oct 13)'.
ruthmichellecody on Phuket:
Say "I am beautiful" enough and you will start to believe it! 🍃 the power of the mind is so underestimated... #getnaked #selflove #mind #happiness #lovelife #lovenature #nature #explore #wanderlust #travel #loveyourself #beautiful #behappy #yoga #life #beauty #daretobedifferent #waterfall #free #positivevibes #bodypositive #skin #body #model #dance
A strange article from the Asia Times (Oct. 19):
'Videos of tourists and their guides at a waterfall that is off limits to the general public in a national park in Thailand have gone viral and angered officials.
Videos showing the Pong Ping Waterfall inside a restricted area in Khao Laem National Park in Kanchanaburi province went viral as they showed directions and details about how to get inside the no-go area of the park'.
No mention why either the waterfall is off-limits nor why the waterfall is so sought after.

Itsadrama (Oct. 4) on a visit to Buatong waterfalls near Chiang Mai:
'It is a city [Chiang Mai] that holds many strings to its bow – one of those being The Sticky Waterfall, also known as Bua Tong Waterfalls. The Sticky Waterfall in Chiang Mai is a local secret, it is hidden in the Si Lanna National Park and makes the perfect day trip to escape for a few hours and relax in Thailand. With the local people'.

jay_hippy at Nong Khai

'For this is what nature does; it sets fire to the soul, energizes, rejuvenates, teaches and elevates you.'#amazingthailand #waterfallwednesday#backpackerstory #worldnomads#womenwhoexplore #passionpassport#exploreasia #solotravel #teachabroad
Crazy tourist has the right intro to the people's republic:
'15 amazing waterfalls in Laos'.
borbmari at Tad Xe:
Luang Prabang 💛 #tbt
The Vientiane Times (Jul. 24) looks at the natural potential of the nation:
A waterfall in Houn district of Oudomxay province has caught the eye of provincial tourism authorities who hope it will do the same for more visitors.
Officials of the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department said the waterfall cascades over several levels, each of them at a different heights ranging from six metres to 20 metres.
The waterfall is located at Katangya village and is known locally as Nam Haeng about 24 km from the urban centre of Houn. The verdant area has lots of natural plants and wildlife species and visitors can swim in a clean natural pool.
“Authorities have surveyed the waterfall with a view to opening it to the public, and they would like to develop it by constructing more facilities to attract tourists.”
Authorities plan to upgrade the asphalt road leading to the waterfall, improve other infrastructure and introduce new activities as part of efforts to spur the growth of tourism.
They believe the waterfall will prove to be a popular destination if it is more widely advertised and officially opened to the public.
The top three tourist sites of the province are Nam Kat waterfall and Chom Ong cave in Xay district, and Singkham Buddha temple in La district.
Forest trekking, zip-lining, and ATV bike rides have proved to be the most popular activities with visitors at Nam Kat waterfall.
Chom Ong Cave is 16 km long, 15 metres to 50 metres wide, and its height ranges from 25 metres to 100 metres.
Vientiane Times (Oct. 4):
'Nam Ha National Protected Area of Luang Namtha province has recently been named as one of the top ten ecotourism destinations in Asia, according to the website
Nam Ha is a national protected area in northern Luang Namtha province. This mostly forested park is home to a variety of ethnic groups and diverse animal and plant species making it an ideal ecotourism destination'.

tahliaelise at Khao Sok (southern Thailand):
I am so lucky to be able to have spent your 22nd birthday travelling around Asia with you. Even though I’m slightly sick of you saying ‘Hello’ to every single person who walks by, your pure joy and welcoming, friendly heart is so beautiful and infectious 🖤🐞 Happy Birthday Ladybug x #GandTtakeonAsia
More south the Phnom Penh Post (Oct. 19) also looks at developing natural surroundings:
'In a country where the tropical weather has caused Cambodians to prefer chilling in the water on weekends or during holidays, the waterfall is one of their most favourite destinations.
However, in Mondulkiri, the famous Bou Sra waterfall is often crammed to capacity. So travellers who wish to escape the crowd and enjoy quiet moments can drop by Or Angkal waterfall on the road to Bou Sra.
In a country where the tropical weather has caused Cambodians to prefer chilling in the water on weekends or during holidays, the waterfall is one of their most favourite destinations.
However, in Mondulkiri, the famous Bou Sra waterfall is often crammed to capacity. So travellers who wish to escape the crowd and enjoy quiet moments can drop by Or Angkal waterfall on the road to Bou Sra.
Here, the monsoon rains ensure that water flows from higher grounds into canals and basins, creating a waterfall near the road.
As the seven-meter high waterfall flows, it brings with it a creamy, coffee-coloured water that separates into two and falls into a big hole which is about 10 metres deep and under the shade of large trees. Visitors run and play as they chase one another along the route downstream.
The Or Angkal waterfall is located in a yet-to-be-named village in Am Poum commune, Pich Chreada district, in Mondulkiri province. It is 10km from the Koh Nhek crossroad en route to the Bou Sra waterfall, or 20km from downtown Mondulkiri province.
It exemplifies the beauty of nature and is nearer than the Bou Sra waterfall which is popular for tourists travelling from Sen Monorom town. Unfortunately, despite its beauty, the Or Angkal waterfall is not well known or popular among tourists travelling to the famous Bou Sra waterfall, and hence, they often bypass it.
This is despite the fact that it is located only some 100 meters from the Bou Sra road and the Ou Fly resort where tourists in their vicinity can get down from their vehicles and walk just a few minutes before coming to it.
Ou Fly resort manager Ieng Sithol, 46, who lives near Or Angkal said travellers are unaware that the area has beautiful nature, that’s not inferior to the Bou Sra waterfall. Only people living near the area visit it. But even they just spend a short time there before leaving.
Cheang Ra, 54, has a daughter who operates the Mak Meng Heng shop that sells groceries and food. It is located in the area leading to the waterfall. He says that mostly ethnic people visit the waterfall. “Tourists don’t know the place because there is no signboard to show its entry. The route to the waterfall is on private property too,” he says.
Ra says he plans to build a resting hut near the waterfall but is worried about the rapidly rising water when it rains. In the dry season, there is little water but even then, it is more than 10 meters deep.
With regards to the promotion and development of the Or Angkal waterfall as a resort to attract tourists now going to the Bou Sra waterfall, Ngin Sovimean, the director of Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Tourism tells The Post that there are plans afoot to do this.
“While Or Angkal is not the only the waterfall in the area, the fact is that while we have plans to develop it, we lack the necessary funds to do so. We need investors to cooperate and develop such tourist sites,” he says.
He adds: “We are happy and welcome any investor who wishes to help develop the tourism sector. We are not just thinking of resorts but even guesthouses and hotels'.
Headed out with Callum and his family from "The Hangout" to some amazing #jungle #waterfalls today.@keksoon @spacemangram@frances_palmer --#cambodia #mondulkiri #ecotourism #nature#travel #instatravel #travelgram#sustainabletourism #wanderlust #vacation#tourism #naturephotography #traveling#camping #trip #holiday #ecotravel #ecotour
Malaysia's Star (Mar. 7):
'Less than two months into the year, and already 65 people have died from drowning throughout Malaysia – a number that warrants worry and concern say Fire and Rescue Department officials.
Yahaya [ Perak, State Fire and Rescue Department Director] advises the public to be extra cautious when they are taking part in recreational activities in rivers, the sea, mining ponds and lakes'.
The article sort of encourages visits to water based theme parks.

An extensive entry (Jun. 27) on Wanderinglinguist to Kanching falls, near KL:
'Kanching falls is a perfect place to hike near Kuala Lumpur. If you’re short on time in Malaysia but still want an adventure, it is only a 25-minute drive from the city centre, but it is perfectly secluded – a place to be surrounded by nature. If you’re staying in Kuala Lumpur and need a quick escape, Kanching falls is a great option'.

ggoia at Kanching:
Massagem natural
More bits and pieces.

The South China Morning Post notes (Dec. 27, 2017) that over the border in Vietnam there seems some leeway as to accept naked swimming:
'On the banks of the Red River, naked locals say shedding their clothes is healthy and makes them feel uninhibited, offering a chance to stray from the pack in a one-party state where social compliance is taught from a young age
Though public nudity remains taboo in much of Asia, nudist swimming clubs have popped up in conservative China, and tourist-haven Thailand boasts several “naturalist” retreats mostly for foreigners. Public bathhouses, meanwhile, have long been popular across Japan and South Korea.
But nudist bathing and beach-going is rare in Vietnam, a one-party state where pornography is banned and communist propaganda posters are ubiquitous.
Nudity in art, photography, film and dance is subject to strict censorship by eagle-eyed authorities, though some exhibitions featuring nudes have been given the green light in recent months.
None of this fazes the men at Hanoi’s nudist enclave, who also brush aside concerns that the Red River might not be clean enough for swimming.
Some hope the trend will catch on. “Vietnamese people should be more open when they talk about nudist bathing,” says naked bather Nguyen Thi Thuy. “We shouldn’t be so modest about it like in the past.”
lindsaynova (on Samui?):
Courage enters your life in many different ways. It is fearlessly standing up for what you believe to be true. Courage is being confident in your discernment and ability to speak from your heart. It is trusting that the universe is on your side, guiding and protecting you. ⠀Courage is the strength that comes from within. It is being who you truly are, without fear or judgement of yourself or others. It is speaking out when you believe strongly for or against something. It is the power to transform fear into love and bravely follow your own visionary path.⠀Courage is transformational... Transformation is courageous.⠀Trust your ability to call in the transformation that your vision requires. Find the courage within yourself to express your gifts and have confidence in knowing you can make a real difference in the world 🌎 #nakedoutdoors
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