Sunday, October 18, 2009

By elephant

Mondulkiri is one of Cambodia's most remote provinces. Connecting to the national highway grid is a hilly 3 hour dirt track which turns to quagmire during the rainy season. However we visited in April 2006 just before the rains on-set. That however did not mean it didn't rain!

Staying overnight in the Nature Lodge, Mondulkiri's number 1 place to stay and eat, we booked an elephant tour to the Pulung waterfall, though it could also be Rum Near I. The ride leaves Putang village (an ethnic Bunong village about 12 km from the provincial capital of Sen Monorom) and goes downhill and follows the stream upwards. At a certain moment we get to the waterfall, where one can also take lunch. The elephants bathe, the tourists bathe as well. After a break both return via a different route.

As seen above the falls are wide and drop 5-7 m. Below is beautiful pool. Other than on elephant tourists don't get to come here which in Cambodia is a relief.

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