Saturday, November 7, 2009

Than Thip

Thailand’s Isaan is not well known for it’s waterfalls, it’s a very flat and dry area. Nonetheless Nong Khai province south of the Lao border and thus the mighty Mekong, does contain a few waterfalls, predominantly to the east. Access is best from the road 211 to Loei, hugging the southern bank of the Mekong. At first this road is a wide thing connecting smaller towns with the provincial capital but slowly the road narrows and becomes windy.

The river village of Sangkhom is probably the closest area for accommodation and facilities if visiting Than Thip waterfall (faded pictured above). Having two (or three?) tiers with a big pool between the two this was my first introduction to the park like landscape gardening to which Thai seem accustomed when visiting a natural highlite. On our visit in late 2002 the place was virtually deserted but again the car park mite be wishing for more.

Nearby is Than Thong waterfall.

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