Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tat Xai

A faded photo from 2002, scanned for this site. I was there in December and the water was decidedly cold, but a great place for a skinny dip. It certainly is one of the best I have experienced. The falls are about 15m, while about 40 minutes downstream is another similar waterfall, which I did not visit.

At that time there was a road to the river, but the road was just holding, a bridge along the way was nearly washed out and the road was nearly gone as well. From the river it's just 20 minutes upstream.

In this is turn from a unpaved road going from the main south road to Paxan, capital of Bolikhamxai province. In all the ride would have been 2 hours out of Vientiane.

Facilities: none, it's just you, nature and the waterfall.

By the way a great link to Lao waterfalls can be accessed through the Of the 15 mentioned waterfalls I have visited 7. It also includes up to date info on how to access many of the falls. Even better for info on Tad Xay is, with extensive info on how to get here and overnight opportunities.

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