Monday, November 9, 2009


Though it was much more a search for a nearby hot spring somehow we included this waterfall in the sights seen. Known as Sungai Sendat waterfall, it is 5 km out of Hulu Yam Baharu which itself is about half an hour out of Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Though there is ample evidence that the place is overrun during certain times, when we visited in August 2008, not a soul was to be seen. Just their trash. The pool pictured above certainly looked appetizing but with the amounts of refuse nearby I was not enticed at all to dive in. Above this main fall are a series of smaller falls, the further away one gets from the main car park the more natural the surroundings become.

Probably on the odd days where there are hordes so there will also be lines of local caterers, but such was the case that day there was nada. It’s so close to KL that staying overnite is not really called for.

Waterfalls of Malaysia's entry on Sungai Sendat contains a stark report of a drowning here ...

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