Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More from Ratanakiri

Closeby to yesterdays posted waterfall of Ka Chanh is the Katieng (or Ka Tieng) waterfall in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. So close that both can be visited within an hour of Ratanakiri’s provincial capital of Banlung. Again take the road out of town west for 2 km then roughly 3,5 km to the south just beyond a school is a dirt track veering off to your right. Keep following this track past cashew nut plantations (with the possibility of taking an elephant) until the road descends over a rutted track. In all from the turn it’s about 1,5 km.

From the food stalls it is pretty obvious that you have arrived though the road proper fords the stream and continues onwards. A small entrance fee is required. Above the 10 m high fall is a large park like area. Off to the left is a trail that leads to a staircase to the huge pool below well worth a great swim.

Again avoid weekends and you'll probably be alone. See above link for more info on Banlung

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