Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making Beautiful

The most heavily touristed waterfall on Bali and thus most probably the same applies for the whole of Southeast Asia are the Gitgit falls. They have much what makes waterfalls beautiful: nice pools, high falls, lush growth, etc. But that is often devalued by the masses of tourists who visit this 45-60 m high waterfall due to it’s ease of access next to the main cross island road. Though lacking in a huge car park, there is enough space unless it’s a festival day. Entrance fees are required after which a cement track takes you above and around the falls. There are quite a few warungs and some aggressive sellers. Though nowhere as bad as say on Kuta.

The Gitgit falls are just 11 km south of Singaraja the island state’s capital on the way to the central town of Bedugul. Accommodation is to be had or near the black sands of Lovina to the west of Singaraja.

A word of caution:
'The local legend is that if couples swim under the Git Git falls, they are bound to be separated so for those travelling with partners, beware!'

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