Thursday, November 5, 2009


Nam Dee (Nam Di) translates as good water. Not too far from Luang Namtha town it’s a great cycle ride there. The local village with the same name as the waterfall is inhabited by mostly Lanten with their distinctive dark blue / black clothing.

We visited here December 2007. Getting here is not too difficult, there is a road that circles the valley on the north, Ban Nam Dee is just off this tarmac road, on a 1 km long track, in total around 6 km from the provincial capital. Said otherwise head in the direction of Muang Sing and take at the first cross road the road to your right, cross the bridge and then the first track on your left. The not awe inspiring waterfall is another 1 km further.

Facilities are not to be had, however Luang Namtha itself has a variety of lodging facilities as well as caterers. Try the award winning Boat Landing, an outstanding community eco-resort south in the Namtha valley.

The area around Namtha is excellent for trekking, canoeing and biking, with much undisturbed forest as well as many different tribes. Green Discovery has one of the best set ups for anything in Southeast Asia, let alone in Lao.

Another good blog entry by Andy Brouwer who by chance lives just up the street from myself.

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