Friday, January 8, 2010


Odd it may seem but Thailands biggest wildlife reserve, the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve is bound to contain innumerable waterfalls, though only 1 is really open to visitors. Sai Boe (also seen as Cyber) waterfall is accessible from the (south)east. Coming from Uthai Thani's Ban Rai one needs to continue northwards towards Lan Sak on highway 3282. After 30 km a well sign posted side road heads west to Sai Boe. The road soon deteriorates as tarmac seems to be in short supply and the road becomes a rough dirt track before all of sudden reverting to a wide tarmac road 2 kms before the park entrance.

Entrance fees are stiff (200 THB). This being January 1, most locals are converging here.

From the car park it's about a km walk, the path swinging from left to right to the left shore. The track ends at the falls and going beyond the falls is actively discouraged, especially today as there are two wardens whose other job is to keep people from picnicking or trashing the place. The trash though must be pointed out is sold by family members of the same wardens nearby the parking. Beneath the slanted 10 m high waterfalls is a nice and deliciously deep water pool, a nice place to cool off even with the crowds as most can't swim so you still have the pool to yourself.

From internet I learn that discouraging tourists from climbing the falls is due to the fact that someone died not too long ago. It's another interesting account of a visit to this waterfall.

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