Monday, October 19, 2009

Which one?

Looking towards sea (below the rocks).

Kbal Chhay or Koh Por? Both? Apparently it is still not clear what name to give this waterfall located in Koh Kong province, Cambodia. Possibly Kbal Chhay is not used as often, now that Koh Kong is asserting itself on the tourist map. Kbal Chhay is also the name of neighbouring Kampong Som province's only waterfall and as such a major tourist destination there. Operators naming this Koh Por makes sense as it distinguishes it from the other Kbal Chhay.

As with the previously blogged Tatai, this waterfall lies exactly between fresh and salt water. We visited January 2008 with a brilliant blue sky enticing us for a dip. Above the falls (just about 5 m) there were a number of great swimming pools, while below one can swim in the seawater. Above cool, below lukewarm.

Lying on the Stung Koh Poi river, the river originating from the Cardomom mountains, one of Asia's last natural frontiers. Beyond the falls is nothing, just nature.

Getting here is tricky though this is easing with the increased number of tourists. Essentially in Koh Kong town itself, one rents a boat for a half day ($10) and with that the boat chooses course on the broad expanse of water keeping to the right. Slowly the mountains and jungle come closer and after a turn to the west one goes straight to the falls, which are roughly 15km or an hour by boat from the town. No roads.

Accomadation is to be had in Koh Kong town as well as food. Nothing exists near the falls, so bringing something with you is advisable. It's a great place to while away.

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