Thursday, October 22, 2009


Air Tejun Sing Sing (or Singsing) translate as Daybreak waterfall. It's unclear why it is called Daybreak. Sing Sing sounds sounds much nicer. Located not far from the north Bailnese coast, the falls are easily accessible. Drive west of Lovina for 7 km and take an inland road for about 2 km one arrives at the start of a track along a small stream. There is some kind of car park next to a shop and a load of loafers proclaiming that they are unemployed and will help you find the falls. It is a often recurring theme, a ploy to extract the odd 10,000 rupiah or whatever it takes:
'After the barefoot climb back down we are delighted to pay our guides $5'.
However no guide is required. The path is pretty obvious along the stream. One comes accross a smaller fall. Canter beyond and one gets to a bigger fall, though its unclear if this is the 'dua' which some people mention. Apparently at the Dua you extend you splash:
'heard that there is even a mud bath that is supposedly good for you skin'.
However yet to see this in practice, maybe it doesn't exist!

We visited in December 2008, late in the afternoon, near deserted.

Closeby is also the hot springs of
Banjar, while accommodation can be had at the tourist centre of Lovina.

'Its freezing but worth the plunge...

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