Tuesday, November 10, 2009

High but not highest

One of Lao’s area’s where a multitude of waterfalls are to be seen is the Bolaven plateau situated in the southern province of Champasak. Access to this volcanic area is from Paxé, south Lao’s major entreport. There are a few resorts on the Bolaven itself, a gradual climb from Paxé.

I’ve stayed in
Tad Fane Resort (named after the adjoining waterfall) which sits on a ledge of the Bolaven with view of the 100m high waterfall opposite and below. Going down is not advised, it’s that steep. It is located 38 km due east from Paxé on the road to Paksong, Lao’s coffee capital.

Other falls on or from the Bolaven are Tat Lo, more to the north on the Bolaven and Tat Feak and Tat Se Noi (the former visited), both in Sekong province, further eastwards. While there is also Lao's highest the 120m high Tad Katamtok.

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