Monday, October 26, 2009


One of the nicest waterfalls I've been to is Mae Sapok. Located in Chiang Mai province, Thailand, I'm unsure whether it's because it was really nice or was totally deserted or possibly both. It was a nice and sunny November day, back in 2006 which might have helped.

From Chiang Mai go south on the 108, then in Sampatong, turn right and continue up the 1013. Past the elephant camps and bamboo rafting sites. Roughly 40 km up the road there is a small road to the left which brings to a small restaurant from wher the main fall is about 10 minutes walk. The roughly 10m high Mae Sapok waterfalll is part of Ob Khan National Park.

Below the waterfall is not really a pool, but the stream continues down hill for another 200m where you will find a 200m long pool, great for a swim.

There is a cafe serving mostly drinks nearby in the village and not far away was a resort which did not seem to be very active. On the way there area number of elephant camps and rafting possibilties if the water is sufficient.

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