Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Many tourists come to the central Thai province of Sukhothai to visit it's hundreds of years old ruins. However the province also has two beautiful national parks, one of which is
Ramkhamhaeng. Besides a high plateau there are a number of waterfalls around the base, one of which is Sai Rung or Sairung, which translates as Rainbow.

A very common name to give to a waterfall, there are many Sai Rung waterfalls around Thailand. All have as common features a high fall with little flow such that with the sunlight a rainbow appears.

Visited in October 2008, this waterfall is located on the southwestern edge of the national park, a few km off highway 1331 which bisects the park on the west. A turn off leads to a national park entrance and a car park. Again ample evidence of times when the park would be packed, but when we there, not so many were recreating. A steep path leads up and along the stream with many smaller falls and pools such as depicted above but the ultimate goal is the bottom of the 100m drop of which I have no picture. Darn!

Not many facilities available. Sukhothai itself is about 50 km away. Kamphaeng Phet about the same. Inbetween the park and Kamphaeng Phet is a hot spring Phra Ruang, worth a visit.

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