Friday, October 16, 2009

Before the deluge ...

Koh Lanta back in 2000 was still quite deserted, especially out of season. Since though this part of Krabi province has slowly been developing, though it's still quiet in comparison to other neighbouring places due to it's relative remoteness: no airport, the island is only reachable by ferry and no large cities nearby.

We stayed at the last resort then, Waterfall Bay Resort I believe was the name, it's name has now been changed to
Andalanta Resort. Not much but a huge windswept beach. Being the only guests at the resort, service was a bit slow. I do remind it quite well, as while I was receiving a massage, a snake fell out of tree canopy above into my lap sending the masseur in a hasty retreat whereas I was oblivious to the snake though I did come to senses following the yelps of the masseur.

Anyway ambling along the only stream on this beach for just under an hour brings you to the waterfall, a steady stream 5-6 m high. Good thing was that you can shower underneath. Back then it was untouristed and besides millions of leeches there was nobody to encounter. Nowadays elephants do the trek, so bathing as above may not be possible anymore. At least if you do not want to outrage somebody (silly expression for something so natural).

Another (better) pic from Nix Harwood.

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