Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chaa .... Ong

Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province has some problems naming waterfalls it seems; there’s quite some indecision concerning the correct spelling. Often the names used are derived from local tribe languages and translated to Cambodian sounds which are then translated into something recognizable for the foreign tourist. Along the way weird things happen spelling's wise.

Chah-ohng (or Chaa Ong) is a waterfall not far out of the main provincial capital, Banlung. Head due west for 2 km then go north for another 2 km, take the left fork and continue for another 3 km. You will arrive at a car park where a nominal sum is required for entry. The car park is just beyond the upper ledge of the fall.

The fall themselves are about 10 m high. Basically the water pours over a ledge and falls on the rocks below. Unique to these falls are the area behind the waterfall (and beneath the ledge) which are hollowed out. Probably this is why they are mentioned as impressive....

Our visit in April 2009 though coincided with little flow and as such the waterfall was not so very impressive.

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