Saturday, November 7, 2009


A fall with no name. As happens this fall is probably totally untouristed and as such does not need a name. Far from the maddening crowds, this 3 m high fall is only reachable with two wheels or two feet. Actually the track fords the river over the rocks directly above the falls. The track connecting a number of village’s sees little traffic and the falls thus see even less visitors. One needs to scramble through the undergrowth below the falls. Though not necessarily a great pool, on a hot April 2009 afternoon this made for a great naturally enjoyed shower.

Getting to this remote fall requires some effort. For one it is in Ratanakiri province, one of the remoter parts of Cambodia. Best place to stay is one of Cambodia's few eco-lodges, Yaklom Hill Lodge. It is here where possibly more info will be provided as to where to get to this waterfall. (Phume Kres village?) All I can remember was that it was north and then a right turn roughly 10 km out of town and just keep on going.

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