Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting There

Thmor Roong (or alternatively Thmor Rung) is a series of rapids and shorter falls over a 500 meter stretch of river in O'Bak Rotes commune, Koh Kong province, Cambodia. Nothing actually distinguishes them, other than their unknownness.

Efforts have been made to set up a few stalls where the entrance track ends, though these are only manned during Cambodia's major festive days. Arrive outside of these days the place is deserted. Near the entrance is the highest falls though it's much more of a slide than a fall. Head upstream and there are many more water holes and rapids. Not all deep but enough to paddle about in.

Access was poor (2008) and since, the access has become worse. The access road starts from National Highway 4 (Phnom Penh - Sihanoukville) just beyond the second (new) toll booth, about half way. The road veers off to the west. This stretch has a number of potholes and a long rickety wooden bridge. At the T-crossing (a km from the turn-off) one goes left and continues beyond the village. There are a number of muddy sections and close to the end one should pass through a stream. This last September (2009), it was only passable with 4 wheel drive vehicles. In all it is only 3-4 km from the highway, sufficient deterrent to avert the easy-going crowds, but enough to assist those more intent tourists.
Some of the rapids upstream

The main falls area during rainy season
Just veer of the path and have your own dip

And in the dry season ....

An update from 2010.

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