Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scene from Tuktuk

Just a small waterfall (in flow), but still a great destination to hike to and explore. Odd though it has no name .... (Can someone help?)

From Tuktuk on Samosir island in Lake Toba (North Sumatra, Indonesia) head directly to the mountains. The waterfall is best seen from Tuktuk itself. (see photo below). Once crossed the main circular island road, head uphill following along the main stream. Increasingly the road will turn to a track and get steep.

Possibly one could scramble beyond the foot of the fall to a higher fall, but the track up is more suited to mountain goats!

The falls de-pictured (above) here are not direct falls but water rushing over steep rocks, good for a shower but no pool below. As there is not much growth above the falls, the run-off is very dependent on recent rainfall ...

Visited in August 2008.

Tuktuk is the center of all tourist related activities around the Toba lake and has enough accommodation. The walk would amount to about an hour.
This photo ripped from Panoramio (taken by Mitch Miner) clearly shows where the waterfall is located. Height?

A shower after heavy rainfall? By Travellingrob

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