Saturday, November 7, 2009

Anyone for ice-cream?

Khlong Nam Lai waterfall is located in the same national park as the aforementioned, Khlong Lan waterfall. Located about 20 km closer to provincial capital of Kamphaeng Phet it sees a lot less tourists. On a late November afternoon in 2008 the large car park was deserted save for an ice-cream seller. There is though a big car park evidence of megalomania or an indication of visitors during more days. Around the car park and the lower reaches of the falls is a huge park area.

The waterfall (which translates as waterfall with much water or very beautiful!) counts no less than 9 levels, each between 15 and 30 m. Somehow someone has decided that only the first three levels can be visited, the others are off limits due to safety reasons…. Between the three levels are large pools with very cold water (visit was in November 2008), good for a momentary freeze …. As with the Khlong Lan waterfall, more facilities are available in Kamphaeng Phet.

Sunny Blur does not recommend this place:
'Klong Nam Lai is nice, but not worth the trip'.

Getting here requires following the 1117 out of Kamphaeng Phet uptil the market village of Khlong Nam Lai where a right turn and another 8 km gets you to above mentioned car park.

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