Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The waterfalls of Huai Hin Fon are less well-known than other waterfalls in northern Thailand. Located in Chiang Rai province and relativly easy to access, one would expect these falls to be over run with visitors. Possibly due to the many waterfalls in this area, possibly due to unknown reasons they aren't.

Visited in October 2006 these falls were deserted. There's a big car park and a good trail going up and along the swift flowing stream. As the canyon closes in there is man made pond behind which a series of small falls start, mostly there not a real fall but a scramble across the rocks.

The absence of visitors means the lower pool is a great place for a au-naturel dive.

Getting here is relatively easy. It is located along the Mae Chan - Fang highway 1089, just beyond the hot spring with the same name as the falls (8 km). Continue towards Fang for about 1 km and turn left and cross the river and continue driving upwards through the village and you'll end up at the falls car park.

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