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Mork Fa is one of Thailand's better known waterfalls. The reason is that it provides a stop over for tourists heading from the tourism hub of Chiang Mai to Pai.
Not far from the main highway 1095, it's connection is by a partially tar-sealed road. All in all it is about 70 km from Chiang Mai, roughly half of that over 4 lane highway.

From the parking area it is just a 20 minute walk to the falls. One can make a loop, as one trail is near the river on the south, while the northern section is much higher along the cliffs.

At the parking area drinks and some food is available, overnite accommodation is not available nearby.

Mork is certainly beautiful, as well as impressive.
World-of-Waterfalls reckons the height to be 60 m and there is plenty of water tipping over the ledge. The spray leads to a deliteful micro-climate and lush vegetation.

We visited here in 2006 on our way to Pai. Back then we still paid the 200 THB entrance fee, by now that may be double, entrance fees to Thai national parks are not so transparent. As it was still early, there were not many other visitors; though judging from the size of the parking area, it can get busy. Many photo's are available on the net, it seems it's a great spot for a plunge!

Mork Fa falls are part of Doi Suthep National Park. This National Park starts on Chiang Mai's doorstep and includes Monthathan waterfalls, about 15 minutes from the city's edge. These falls I visited a year before without a camera. The stream is not very much but it drops fast via through 9 separate steps. There's a parking area from which a 10 minute walk leads to the lowest step which ends in a large swimming hole. On the other side a track continues up the steep mountainside leading to all nine steps but none as beautiful as the lowest.

Mork Fa by Marranara:

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